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Thread: When will the first 2X AA 600/700 lumens light will be released? MT23A?

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    Default When will the first 2X AA 600/700 lumens light will be released? MT23A?

    Dear nitecore,

    I like your lights, i have multiple flashlights mh12gt, p12gt, p12gts, tip, thumb, la10 and now also the MT20A. I like that the light runs on 2x AA but is it possible to make a new one with i.e. 600 / 700 lumens that runs on 2X AA and is it possible to use a reflector that throws more like the MT21A (with strike bezel)? I Think if you can make that light it will be succesful because there is no other AA light with that specifications on the market! Maybe you can also include a chargeport on the light.

    So my concept:
    - Same body of the MT20A (with strike bezel).
    - 2X AA
    - The same throw as the MT21A, but body of MT20A.
    - 600 / 700 lumens of output with AA.
    - USB AA charging port.
    - You can keep the red light out of the light, because its very small so not usable in MT20A.

    If you can make this light, than this will be the top flashlight and sells very good. Because there is no competition that has made this light, i know alot of people who like AA battery flashlights.

    Will for sure buy this new light .

    Thank you, would love to hear from you.

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    Default Re: When will the first 2X AA 600/700 lumens light will be released? MT23A?

    There are several lights like this on the market. For 700 lumens take a look at the Armytek Prime A2 and Partner A2 in regular and Pro version. The Partner A2 Pro is probably very close to what you are looking for. Though they tend to use floody TIRs instead of larger reflectors.

    If you want a stubby side-by-side light with a huge reflector the Manker T02 does 800 lumens.

    NiMH charging is extremely rare in lights. Nitecore has never made one so they are the wrong people to ask. (The MH2A can only recharge their proprietary 2x14500 li-ion pack.)
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