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Thread: Thoughts on Bertucci DX3 Field Watches?

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    Default Thoughts on Bertucci DX3 Field Watches?

    I belong to gun, knife, and flashlight forums and I'm not looking to go down the rabbit hole on watches. I just wondered if anyone here was familiar with the Bertucci DX3 or DX3 Plus field watch. I had started looking at their titanium line but I actually prefer the simplicity and contrast on the face on these less expensive polycarbonate resin models. It helps that the price is in line with the kinds of knives I typically carry.

    Do these keep good time? Are they reasonably durable? Will they hold up for EDC? Will they hold up if taken on the occasional swim? I'd love to hear your experiences if you have any.

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    All current quartz watches keep excellent time. The performance has been perfected to the point that even cheap $10 watches from Wal-Mart can be relied upon to work flawlessly for years.

    Yes, such watches are quite durable. Though not as much as their metal cased counterparts from Bertucci. If rugged durability is important to you, consider getting one of those models instead.

    Yes, they'll hold up fine for general EDC.

    At 50M water-resistance = No. A watch that you'll use for swimming, even occasionally, go with 200M water-resistance. And if the watch is 5 years old or more, get it serviced with new seals before hitting the water. I won't consider a watch unless it's 100M at the very least. But that's me. I don't mind getting soaked in the rain without an umbrella on occasion. And when that happens, my watch better be able to take a good drenching too. Though again, 50M is okay for EDC use.
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