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Thread: The Start and End of the NL1

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    Default The Start and End of the NL1

    This is the NL1, and we will NOT be making it. It's an idea I've had for quite awhile. It was fun to work on, but I'm just not happy with how bulky it turned out to be. I'm glad to have it done and off our plate. There are plenty of things to do next.

    This is a lantern that uses a Nalgene water bottle as the diffuser. It's powered off of up to 3 18350s, but will run on a single 18350. Everything that comes in contact with water is food safe.

    Cost would be 199
    Approximately 2400mAh with 3x 18350s
    Single Nichia 319a emitter (3000K-3500K)
    Omten Reverse Clicky Switch
    Approximately 600 lumens on high mode
    Okluma branded Nalgenes
    Waterproof inside and out (only the inside is waterproof now)
    Recessed D-ring top screw for easily hanging the NL1 from the inside of a tent or tree
    Tailstanding / Headstanding
    Beacon mode with long runtime (~100 hours) for SAR situations
    Lanyard attachment for storing a small length of cord around the neck of the Nalgene

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    Default Re: The Start and End of the NL1

    That is really cool! I've always been a sucker for the Nalgene bottle form factor, even as I've moved toward internal bladders for hiking. Great work

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    Default Re: The Start and End of the NL1

    I was following your progress on this, itís a really cool idea. I canít wait to see the other stuff that you are planning.

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    Default Re: The Start and End of the NL1

    that would be THE most reliable camping light!!!!!!!!! I would buy one in a pinch

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