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Thread: Titanium Two ... Electric Torch-a-roo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modernflame View Post
    It's a brilliant design. I'm seeing a pull-the-dot snap. With a long enough paracord, you could freely use the flashlight while it is tethered to your belt. What if it were coupled with a shallow belt holster that only sheathed the head of the flashlight? With that combination, you could easily access the light without fear of losing it outdoors. Hmmm.
    Thanks, These are prototypes but the leather one has a long enough cord to do exactly that and what you mentioned is actually what I had in mind. I built it for free use while tethered or anchored to a belt (belt loop is easier and quicker) As well as an extra layer of security when using a open top holster (I prefer open top, Head covered but tail free) easy and quick access) and yes thatís pull the dot.

    As much as I d love to have a stingray low profile holster made i m out in the sticks in Europe so itís not doable at the moment. I think black stingray with low profile and belt loop, open top would look beautiful with that titanium or any of the special metals, copper as well.

    I havenít used my Titanium rotary till I did these and thatís where it lives now and the TR (titanium rotary) isnít going anywhere including no roll away disasters.
    I took the TR out last night to test again for beam reach but it was too misty.

    I m curious though as to the specs on the other special metal runs compared to the normal aluminum lights because of the tail diameter mentioned above.


    It serves well already as a three finger grip method while allowing better control and grip of the light.
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    Default Re: Titanium Two ... Electric Torch-a-roo

    Quote Originally Posted by usdiver View Post
    Luckily wet dirt wonít do any damage.... let that happen on concrete ... I ve done it with aluminum and was gutted! However that event along with dropping my HDS in dark muddy grass over in the UK late at night led me to building this so no more worries about dropped HDS or any other of my lights for that matter. Best thing is I can use it for various activities.

    These are both prototypes and work very well... The titanium area below the tailcap however is .857Ē vs
    .847Ē on the aluminum tails I have so itís a hair tighter on the titanium.

    Some have voiced their concerns about the snap scratching the finish on the body but Iíve not had an issue.

    Either way itís a hell of a lot better than dropping a light worth $350 on concrete or in the water where you canít get it.... much less $650 or over a grand.
    thanks. I was going to say something about lining the one with the snap but I'm late to the party.

    My light looks fine, just needs a little rinse in fresh water. Definitely better to drop on softer ground than solid ground

    Quote Originally Posted by Hogokansatsukan View Post
    Well, we could also start a thread here...
    and just like that... there was an "HDS and your ride thread"
    I just saw it and posted a few pics of some vehicles

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