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Thread: Olight warrior x has a very loose ring

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    Default Olight warrior x has a very loose ring

    I just recived my new warrior x last week. It comes with a ring that fits over the the pocket clip and also arubber ring. After trying them both I decided to put the ring back on like it came in the box. The only problem is on the bottom side or the ring you can move it down so much that it exposes the oring. It fits very lose and moves up and down about 3/16 of inch. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with olight and they say that it's normal. My question is, if that is normal why was it tight when it first came out of the box
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    Default Re: Olight warrior x has a very lose ring

    Please post this in the Olight (or other appropriate) forum.

    This is for Q/P/S of CPF itself.

    Thank you.

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