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Thread: Favorite cook kit for camping.

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    Question Favorite cook kit for camping.

    I have a handful of such cook kits but would like to get a few opinions on what everyone else uses/prefers, as I personally have no favorites.
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    Default Re: Favorite cook kit for camping.

    I try to avoid the kits and use good stuff instead

    If I'm lightweight backpacking by myself then I'll just bring an MSR Alpine frying pan with an improvised lid for it. And a cheese plane to use as a spatula. If I'll be cooking for a few others then add in the largest 1.6L MSR Stowaway pot. Enamelware for mugs and plates and bowls. If doing some luxurious car camping then I'll have an Optimus Terra kettle along for quick cups of coffee/tea/cocoa. The best camp kitchen knife I've found so far is the Cold Steel Kudu. I had been carrying a GSI Spice Rocket for a while but it doesn't hold enough. Most of my seasonings are in those aluminum keychain capsules.
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    Default Re: Favorite cook kit for camping.

    Thanks for the reply. Great idea about the keychain capsules. I have way too many of those lying around. Also have a 1.6L MSR Stowaway pot. Just never seem to have an opportunity to use it though.
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    Default Re: Favorite cook kit for camping.

    Okay, since making this topic, I have created a main cook kit. It consists of the following:

    Toaks Ti 900ml pot (short handle version)
    Toaks Ti 550ml pot (new ultralight version)
    Toaks Ti Frying pan (D115mm)

    Needed the frying pan because had planned on getting a small Ti bowl for this kit I assembled. But sadly, Toaks had discontinued that small bowl awhile back. Realized that with the pan, I could use that as 3 different items. A pan, a small bowl, and a cooking lid. Plus, replacing the 900ml's top with the pan as its new top allowed me to fit all the necessary accessories I wanted inside of it. Without the pan, they all simply would not fit. Left both the stock lids off of both the pots.

    Medium microfiber towel wrapped around the 550ml pot, then placed inside the 900ml pot. Then the following items inside, with the pan over the 900ml pot; whole set-up in a Toaks stuff sac. Smallest Iso-Butane fuel canister, Mini Bic lighter, folding Ti Spork (likely to be replaced with a folding Ti spoon), small bottle of Camp soap, cut-down/miniature sponge with scrub pad on the opposite side. And finally, the smallest and lightest fuel canister stove out there on the market.... BRS titanium stove.

    Yes, everything fits inside; barely. No wobble when the pan lid is put on. A complete cook kit assembled from several different, individually sold items. Much thanks to TheGoatMumbler over on YouTube. This cook kit set-up, with a couple of differences, is actually his idea. It just works well for me too. Main difference being his doesn't use the pan, and his has less accessories on the inside. Plus, a couple of different ones.

    If I had to do it over again, I'd get the 900ml Ti pot from Toaks that has the long handles, instead of the short ones. Yeah, 900ml is a bit much for a solo cook kit. Not really enough for a 2-person cook kit. Though it can certainly be pressed into such a role.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    "The World is insane. With tiny spots of sanity, here and there... Not the other way around!" - John Cleese.

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