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Thread: Jetbeam Tailcap (Poor Customer Service)

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    Default Jetbeam Tailcap (Poor Customer Service)

    I've been trying to replace a faulty tailcap for my RRT1 for over 2 months now and continue to get the runaround from Jetbeam CS. A new one was supposed to be mailed out over a month ago and still nothing and customer service is not replying to my emails.

    Is there a chance there is a Jetbeam rep on here who reads these posts or perhaps someone that might have a functional tailcap kicking around. I've tried to replace the switch in mine but it seems to have been forced together and will not come apart.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Jetbeam Tailcap (Poor Customer Service) tailcap arrived in the mail today

    Thank you Jetbeam ..better late than never

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    Default Re: Jetbeam Tailcap (Poor Customer Service)

    I contacted Mark at lumens factory about my broken seraph tail switch. He said heíll get back to me from work about it. He emailed from work 2 days later and asked for my address. I sent it to him and he sent me a new tailcap 3 days later from Hong Kong. Iím in New Jersey!!! I donít understand how my packages from Nealsgadgetsís takes 3 weeks. Or how i get free replacement lights from vendors when other people never hear from them again.
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    Default Jetbeam Tailcap (Poor Customer Service)

    Donít want it to appear as if Iím rubbing salt in the wound, I assure you DJ, Iím not, but Fenix contacted me today with a shipping notification on my defective (tailcaps?) for my bt20 bike lights. They became brittle and chunks started cracking off. I supplied the serial numbers, and Bobs your uncle. That came right after lumintop notified me my titanium tool tailcaps are on the way.

    The weird part is I tried contacting some of these companies months ago when my fireflies lights started acting up and received nothing. No replies, no resolutions. Now everyoneís responding. New found national response towards America?

    Edit: fireflies did resolve half the problems the other half are still pending
    a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows- St. Francis of Assissi

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