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Thread: Shelter in place!

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    Just saw this and think with the world the way it is today these dam things should be in every room in school. Or at the very least in the rooms closest to entrance to sure they arenít cheap but if they save one child they are worth it.
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    While shootings are tragic they are not very common. Our education system is already underfunded. These likely cost at least $10k per installation and take up a substantial amount of floor space.

    There are plenty of schools that don't have enough money to even put all of the students under a roof. They are forced to use what amount to trailer homes as classrooms. Although that isn't nearly as common as paying the teachers poverty-level wages.

    If the schools in my area started installing these I would move so my children could be somewhere that values education.
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    I'm going to pre-emptively shut this down before it goes off the rails. The content remains visible for those interested in reading it, but comments can't go sideways. Perhaps a debate for The Underground...
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