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Thread: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

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    Default MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    I love the cool factor of the computer programming, but like the features of the Anduril/ramping software used in the Emisar (double click high, etc.). Any way to change the software? Anybody here that does that sort of thing?

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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    I think the programming is proprietary and not open source Sir... but yeah would be nice though.

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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    I believe these are built on entirely different architecture, with no (practical) way to exchange the "operating system" ... short of physical removal and replacement, in total.
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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    Even setting aside driver limitations, the BOSS has a mechanical clicky while Narsil and Anduril are designed for e-switch. Toykeeper wrote a ramping UI called Crescendo for mechanical switch but it is more fiddly and has fewer features.
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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    Not to my knowledge. Physical modification is also difficult, since the BOSS is optimized around the 371D which is an all in one board, there really isn't physical space to remove it and replace with a an LED MCPCB and driver with a crescendo on it.

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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    Thanks everyone for all the answers. I can appreciate it for what it is. I hope they update the software the future, because I think they're much more useful modes in the ramping software for example.

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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    Yeah, sorry. Dan is correct. There is some basic physics involved here.

    Most of the best features from E switches come from the rapid signaling thats possible with a dedicated signal path. Without it, power must be cut, have time to drain from the circuit and flow back in before the driver can see it as a signal. This is why second mode is easier to reach LMH than HML. So things like double clicks are generally impossible to do well. Especially at high power levels that take more time to drain.

    It may be easier to design a new light with an E switch for implementing the features you are after.
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    Default Re: MOD Boss 70 to ramped driver?

    Thanks EG, that answers a lot of my questions too.
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