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Thread: Off duty /EDC 18650 light

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    So I had a EagleTac, PD2 I think for years that just recently crapped out.
    I’m looking for something with a slim head / body that runs a single 18650 cell, is as high lumen as possible, and high lux / tight spot. Basically something pocket sized that will focus all of its light on somebodies head / eyes from 10 yards.

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    Zebralight SC64 of any non-floody stripe. Tiny, powerful light with excellent flexible programming.

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    Default Re: Off duty /EDC 18650 light

    If for LE duty use then I'd recommend any of the following lights (all designed for LE use, 18650 and with slim heads, default to high, with a low mode readily accessible, all but the ASP can also be programmed):

    HDS EDC LE custom with 18650 body and flush button (for pocket carry)
    (this is a newer model than the older HDS EDC 140 Tactical, which was purchased and loved by SWAT team of 30, here https://www.hdssystems.com/Content/Testimonials/)

    Streamlight ProTac 2L-X
    A lot cheaper than the HDS, but also quality is much lower, along the lines of the EagTac.

    Streamlight ProTac HL USB
    Brighter than the 2L-X and has built-in USB charging (if you prefer that) but also a bigger light.

    ASP Tungsten DF

    Pelican 7600

    Fenix PD35 TAC
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    Default Off duty /EDC 18650 light

    D25lc2 is what I carried. Xpl-hi will concentrate the beam enough for you. The nitecore srt-5 is nice also if you can find it
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    As you've not mentioned a budget.

    Have a look at the Malkoff MDC 18650 to E-Series Body with the E2 Super Throw/Scout M600 2CR123 High Output Head.

    700 lumens with a tightly focused TIR optic.

    Running on a 18650 3600mAh battery you should get somewhere near 90 minutes runtime.

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    Well, I dare to offer you this site: https://skylumen.com/collections/v54...cket-thrower-r Those are modified flashlights with exceptional parameters. For example, Spec 1 of this light is capable of extremely tight beam, being not that large in size. “Thrower” speaks for itself, “R” means recommended by the modder.

    And the modder himself is a perfect person to deal with

    Beam comparison:

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    Klarus XT11GT, it's about the same size as a SF Fury DFT and emits over 1200 lumens in a decently narrow beam. Defaults to max with main switch and can be set to have either instant strobe or instant low on the paddle switch. Could even go with the XT2CR to narrow the head a bit and make it a bit more pocket friendly but that might sacrifice the beam focus a bit too much for you.

    If you aren't stuck on the tight beam I would also suggest the Olight M2T, which is even smaller than an original SF 6P. It will light up a man-sized target at about 10 yards, probably more. It is more of a flood beam.
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