The multi-slot battery charger can fill up to four high-performance lithium-ion batteries in 6 hours (usually 3.5 hours). Choosing a multi-slot charger will maximize the working time of any of your applications and reduce the frequency of charging your replacement battery, saving time, which greatly increases your charging efficiency.

Recently, in the questions raised by XTAR users, I found that many users are still not very familiar with the XTAR charger. Now let's talk about the multi-slot charger MC6C, one of the 2019 XTAR's latest chargers.

When you go through a lot of batteries on a frequent basis, the XTAR MC6C Six Slot Quick Charger is up for the task. Capable of charging up to six li-ion batteries at a time, the MC6C is compatible with many popular battery sizes including 18650, 16340, 14500, 14400, 17500, 18350, 21700, 22650, Flat 32650 and more. A compact and slim body makes this charger ideal for both travel and daily home use.

Don't waste your time waiting for your batteries to charge. The MC6C supports charging speeds up to 1A in a single slot to quickly and efficiently charge your batteries. Intelligent circuitry automatically identifies the inserted battery and applies the appropriate charging current and voltage. When charging, there is a charging display corresponding to each slot of MC6C. Through the LCD display, you can monitor the charging status of all batteries.

Your batteries are protected from short circuits, overcharging and from improper insertion with the MC6C's Intelligent anti-reverse protection. When polarity reversed, the charger will stop charging and flicker battery icon quickly to remind the user to insert battery correctly.

Of course, XTAR not only upgrades the MC6C's display and single-slot independent charging functions, but also has USB and DC input ports. You can choose the way you like to charge. With a USB port, you can charge whenever you are outdoors. The charger is internally provided with a protection circuit, which can effectively prevent the current and voltage of the charger from being too large, and avoid short circuit of the charger. The combination of intelligent protection circuit function and XTAR's original soft start function is very effective in improving the safety performance of the charger. XTAR's new chargers have a high-precision cut-off charging voltage function, built-in MCU, the cut-off charging voltage is accurate to 0.05V, and it will automatically stop when fully charged.

This charger applies switched-mode power supply, has high conversion rate and low heat generate. TC-CC-CV charging method, which is frst oiginated from XTAR, automatically adjusts charging current and votage through three stages. The charger uses trickle current (TC) to "awake" and protect batteries when the battery voltage is very low. After the battery voltage reaches a normal value, the charger starts constant current (CC) charging, and the charging speed is guaranteed with a larger current. When the battery is almost fully charged, the charger starts constant voltage (CV) charging, and the charging currentis gradually reduced, so that the battery is fully charged and less-damaged.

At present, the charger with a charge cut-off voltage accuracy of 0.05V is only available for XTAR. If you are the one who is often troubled by battery charging, pick a six-slot charger and the problem will be gone.

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