I’ve written a full review of the TLF/BLF FW3A aimed at light painting photographers, which is here: http://lightpaintingblog.com/flashli...-tlf-blf-fw3a/
I decided not to copy and paste the review here as there is plenty of other info on this light aimed at the knowledgable CPF user base. However, I thought I would share a few photos of the FW3A’s two strobe modes.

Party strobe at maximum frequency – 112Hz, with approx. 1.3ms on time. This is super trippy! Due to the extremely fast strobe pulse (in Ledlenser slow-PWM territory), this mode appears dimmer than the lumens would suggest.

Party strobe at minimum frequency – 3.5Hz, with approx. 1.3ms on time. This is amazing for “freezing” objects in mid-air.

Tactical mode at maximum frequency – 80Hz, with 33% on time. Beautiful light trails.

Tactical mode at minimum frequency – 2.5Hz, with 33% on time. Love this effect.

The strobe modes are excellent for light painting photography. The beam profile, lack of momentary access to strobes, and non-adjustable strobe brightness prevent it from being the best flashlight for this purpose ever, but it is certainly a flashlight that every light painting photographer should own. Looking forward to seeing how the Anduril firmware progresses.

For those who missed out on the group buy, you can still purchase the FW3A here. 20% off code: SKFW3A