LG 21700 M50 5000mAh (Grey)

Official specifications:
  • Nominal Energy: 18.20Wh (5013mAh at nominal voltage)
  • Minimum Energy: 17.60Wh (4849mAh at nominal voltage)
  • Nominal voltage: 3.63V
  • Nominal shipping SOC: 30%
  • Standard charge current: 1455mA (0.3C)
  • Charge cut-off: 4.2V 50mA
  • Standard discharge: 907mA (0.2C)
  • Discharge cut-off: 2.50V
  • Cycle life: 500 cycles to 80% of Wh min.
  • Maximum pulse discharge power: 80W for 10sec
  • Maximum discharge current: 7275mA (1.5C) in temperature range 5°C ~ 60°C

This is a high capacity 21700 cell with about 5000mAh, the cell is not for high current.

The two cells are well matched.

The battery gets fairly warm at 15A
It looks like I have a problem with my temperature sensor.

The defect temperature sensor made the B battery fail permanently, it got too hot.


This is a one of the best high capacity batteries.

Notes and links

The batteries was supplied by batteridoktorn.se for review.

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