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Thread: New on CPF, from Kansas

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    Sigh New on CPF, from Kansas

    Asked on www.ksccw.com about flashlight repair and a KSCCW member gave the CPF link.

    Interests are Second Amendment and lights that apply to such purpose. I'm old enough I remember when a flashlight could light up a license plate 50 feet away. Kids today don't know what they have missed. Leaky batteries, dim bulbs and short battery life.

    The older I get the more a flashlight matters when reading. Maybe I will need cataract surgery in a few years, if I live that long.

    The super power lights are too much when reading a map or a text, thankfully most can dim down so the info can be seen and not just a blinding reflection.

    Like Maglites, not over priced and function well. Maybe there are better lights, but I cn't afford them.

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    Default Re: New on CPF, from Kansas

    Born and raised in Kansas, welcome to the party

    While we do the weaponlight thing, I can speak from experience that living out there you might get more mileage from a good power outage light..

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    Default Re: New on CPF, from Kansas

    There are a good few on here with a huge variety (read museum)of flashlight . Some will make yours seem modern day tech. Have a read of some of mr fixers posts/threads.

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    Default Re: New on CPF, from Kansas

    Not born, but lived there from 3rd grade through high school!

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