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Thread: 18650 New Battery Misleading Label

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    Default 18650 New Battery Misleading Label

    I was passing by a tool store and bought this protected battery as it didn't cost much

    Says its rechargable on the package and on the battery.

    In the fine print, it says: Caution, do not recharge

    After reading the fineprint, I'm not very confident of it, says its rechargeable but also says do not recharge.
    Was going to return it, but it will cost more in gas than what the battery is worth.

    What do you think? Use it or get rid of it?

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    Default Re: 18650 New Battery Misleading Label

    It looks like they found a great way to make it a protected cell: just don't let the user recharge it.

    It's most likely a regular lithium-ion 18650 under that awful wrap. Probably a really cheap no-name cell, though. I certainly wouldn't use it for anything high-drain, but it's probably safe to use and recharge. Though, I'd take off the wrap and see what the cell is underneath, then use it unprotected.

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    Default Re: 18650 New Battery Misleading Label

    Donít buy junk, is my advice and you wonít be disappointed.

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