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Thread: Okluma DC1 H17F or Dragon upgrade?

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    Question Okluma DC1 H17F or Dragon upgrade?

    Hi guys, I wanted to upgrade my qlite driver and since I'm not familiar with these options I have a couple questions:

    Which these driver will give me the highest output?

    Is there an advantage to the dragon over the H17F, other than the secondary color?

    Thanks so much!


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    Default Re: Okluma DC1 H17F or Dragon upgrade?

    The Dragon is programmable amongst a set number of predetermined mode groups, but has secondary emitter as you said. The H17f is programmable to a far higher degree. I find I don't use my secondary emitter on my one Dragon. Either will give hand blistering output for a couple of minutes if you really want it, not sure there's a true visual difference between the two. YMMV.
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    Default Re: Okluma DC1 H17F or Dragon upgrade?

    The only + of the Dragon is the secondary LED and I´d rather choose the Lux-RC driver than the dragon if I wanted a secondary. The H17F is way more versatile than the dragon and way more adaptable to your personal preferences. I´d choose a H17F over a dragon anyday.

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    Default Re: Okluma DC1 H17F or Dragon upgrade?

    Awesome thanks guys! and yes @eric242, the Lux-RC is my favorite!

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