The Panda 3R is an 18650 powered light with built in charging and two switches, but the optics are what sets it apart - the two LEDs and lenses are optimized to create two beams with different profiles, one throwy and one flood. The two beams can be used independently or together, and it's all controlled by two back lit switches on the top of the light.

It's a good headlamp for sure. It's plenty powerful, and the UI is good - but it's not perfect. I found it gets a bit hotter than I would like on the highest mode, so I would recommend staying away from turbo modes if you're on a longer hike. It also uses an XP-G3 for the floody LED, which enthusiasts might not love, and the lowest mode is at 10 lumens.

Even with all that - it's a compelling package, and it looks pretty cool. I can see the appeal for cavers, or for consumers that have used the flood and throw beams on other headlamps and aren't willing to give the feature up. Click below to read my full thoughts: