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Thread: NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

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    Default NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

    Product Details:

    R90TS, “Night Sword”,utilizes18pieces of American CREE XHP35 HI LEDs with a maximumoutputupto36,000LMandlongrangeupto1750meters,R90TSwillbring you absolute shock in thenight.
    2. R90TS is extremely compact and comfortable to hold, and good for camping, Searching,fishingandmoreotheroutdoorlighting experience!
    3. The built-in radiator helps dissipate the heat through the heat-pipes, which are then exhausted and cooled thanks to the integrated fans’ strong winds… and all this while being water proof! The ultimate combination of power and technology.
    4.With IMALENT’s unique design with bright plating process optical reflector and 18pcs CREE XHP35 HI LEDs,the R90TS delivers a max output up to 36,000lumens and a far reaching distance of 1750meters, push you boundaries day and lights, makeitaperfectsearchandrescueflashlight!
    5.The R90TS features IMALENT’s signature high-grade side pressure switch. This ergonomic design provides an unprecedented level of grip. Eight output levels ensure long runtimes with low or high output in any situation. The “hide strobe” feature keeps you safe by starting quickly at critical moments.

    Product Features:

    Utilizes18piecesofAmericanCREEXHP35HILEDs,withalifespanofupto50,000hours andamaximumoutputupto36,000lumens.
    Built-in safety self testing intelligent charging circuit, convenient,fast and safe.
    Eight levels which can be exchanged quickly and instant Turbo.
    Built-in switch indicator lights, easy to find the switch in the darkness
    Size: 265mm (length)*129 mm (head diameter) *59mm (body diameter)
    Net weight:1950g(battery included)
    High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness
    Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, keep using comfortably.
    Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass Aluminum OP reflector
    Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment

    IP56 standard waterproof
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    Default Re: NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

    "Night sword", I really need to review this light....
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    Default Re: NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

    I like the liquid filled heat pipes, have though about it for years now someone is doing it YAY!
    I know they have been doing it on computers but about time on lights.

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    Default Re: NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

    I am interested in this light: Throw, power, beam profile, active heat exchanger technology, and also, I read a reliable report that build quality is very high.

    My current reference for throw and power and beam profile comparison is: X65vn.

    I still have and enjoy all 18 real, high performance flashlights that I have purchased, even though they don't all fit in my signature.

    The last time I purchased a light was two years ago; I have been patiently waiting two years for something with more throw and power than X65. Maybe this is the one that I have been waiting for?

    I am not interested in long runtime specs from small lights. I am not interested in medium runtime specs from medium size lights. Those types of lights are easy, plentiful and routine, and routinely used and enjoyed and very practical.

    Right now, in addition to my small and medium lights that I use routinely, I am specifically interested in maximum power-thrower specs in short runtime from The Next Big Light. Is Imalent R90TS the new King of power-throwers?
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    Default Re: NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

    My period of just merely being interested did not last a long time. I purchased this light, and it shipped today, I anticipate having it in three business bays, maybe by Wednesday, July 17.

    This will be my first Imalent light!

    I am looking for beam profile similar to X65, but a little more throw and some more beam width, and some more up front spill.
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    Default Re: NEW released IMALENT R90TS “Night Sword” with 36,000lumens and 1750meters

    I got the big package from Vinh Tuesday, July 16.

    My two comparison/reference lights are X65Vn for beam profile comparison, and X45Vn 70.2 OP for lumens comparison.

    Size: Length is similar to X65, battery pack length is almost the same length as X65 pack, but a little thicker: 2.2 in./59mm diameter battery pack, versus 1.9 in./48mm diameter battery pack for the X65, due to 21700 40T batteries, versus 18650 batteries for the X65. R90T head diameter is 129mm, X65 head diameter is 109mm, so this is a big head light, needed to get top beam performance.

    Weight: Battery pack feels only a little heavier than X65 pack, head feels significantly heavier than X65 head.

    Likes, initial daytime out of box:

    My first like is that it has earned Vinhs' general and specific approvals, and the specimen in my hands has been tested by Vinh, before he shipped it to me.

    8 power modes: 7 normal modes plus Turbo, so no shortage of power modes to choose from.

    White wall hunting: beam has nice defined hot spot, transitions are small/gradual, all white, no yellow or purple or blue.

    No battery rattle in handle.

    Lots of shiny copper parts can be seen when looking in through the fan intake/exhaust ports. Lots of shiny copper heat dissipating fins can be seen inside.

    Simple UI is a Like for me. When I am in the mood for ultra giga tera advanced UI, I can configure for such in my Noctigon Meteor M43vn XP-L dd.

    Bathroom (small, white) ceiling bounce check: Versus X45Vn at 25,000 lumens: 35,000 lumens is 40% more than 25,000 lumens, and subjective brightness increase appears to be about 15% brighter than the X45Vn. That rates as a Like for me; negligible/no noticeably brighter bathroom would have been a not like.

    White kitchen refrigerator hunting: subjective brightness increase appears to be about 20% brighter than the X45Vn. The bounce from the white metal refrigerator does overload the eyes a lot more than the X45vn.

    I did not see any lens fog. Fan noise level is ok.

    Subjective build quality appears to be nice.

    First glance at the reflector of the R90TS looks like a flooder, because of so many emitters. But, the beam really is a throw beam, not flood beam. The kicker is that it is a very high lumen throw beam, and a wider than the X65 throw beam.

    Think X65 beam profile, but the main beam is not as narrow. Aim the X65 down the street a few blocks, and then the R90TS; the R90TS will clearly show similar beam profile, but some more main beam width. Single emitter thrower, such as TN42, has very narrow beam width, next, the X65 has a wider beam than the single emitter TN42; next, the R90TS has more beam width than the X65.

    This light is bigger, but it does have a beam profile/beam performance that is more than the X65 beam. This is very impressive!

    So, unless there is something else out there that I am not aware of, I would rate this as King of the high output throwers!

    My lights, including the ones that do not fit in my signature.

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