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Thread: Klarus XT11UVvn - UV Security Light

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    Default Klarus XT11UVvn - UV Security Light

    Factory Link Click Here

    • Decent thrower with White2
    • Bright UV Beam
    • Rear paddle switch activate momentary UV from OFF
    • Side switch operate white light independently
    • Main rear switch activates momentary Turbo white light
    • Full lick on main rear switch turns on light. Paddle will now changes levels.
    • Great build quality
    • 2600mAh 18650 cell included

    White2 LED: 600L, 35Kcd, 374m

    $95 Any white LED you want

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    Default Re: Klarus XT11UVvn - UV Security Light

    Often many lights donít impress me but this one looks really useful. Love the throw and runtime
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    Default Re: Klarus XT11UVvn - UV Security Light

    I have no use for a UV light but this is the light I would have is I was Bouncer. Even in a OP reflector with a perfect artifacts free beam the beast W2 still manages 35Kcd! I should have taken photos of the guts while I am inside. Very well designed! LED sit on a unique curvey copper MCPCB that flow around the UV emitters which poke through the shelf from below. To me its art. The rear padded switch makes for natural momentary UV scan. Not a thing I could think of to make this a better light. I am very impress with a few Klarus products. Yes only few. I do feel most of their products are quite generic but the ones that stands are done right. If I could actually put this light to use on the "field" I likely would have likely given it an R. Klarus is one of those brand I did not pay any attention to until recently and I am glad that I did. XT360vn, XT21Xvn and the CL1 Speaker Lantern are what stood out to me. To me Klarus needs to cut down on their generic line but continue with more innovation for future releases. Nitecore is perhaps the opposite for me. I impressed with Nitecore innovations however they tend to miss a thing here and there that would pull their innovations together. Drives me Fing nuts! Its like why Nitecore?! You are almost there!!! C2vn tail cap should be user removable for battery changes. P18 is a cool design but what's up with the UI? Tip 2 should have destroyed Acebeam UC15vn with 2 LEDs but it doesn't even though it has the innovation magnetic detachable keyring. TM10K should have been a DREAM pocketable output monster but the heatsinking design is a SMH. Tube should not have visible PWM! Infinitely variable brightness control ring is cool and useful but ramp must be VISUALLY linear and have strobe away from Turbo with clear strong detents to separate the constant brightness white light with all other gimmicks. OLED screen, dual stage e switch, and it rubber boot needs to be made more robust. Stick with USB C or even micro USB for charging ports! I am sure there are a more things I can rant about if I pull up their page and look at the line up but in summary I think Nitecore has the potential to be amazing! So comparing to Klarus, Nitcore need to slow down on innovations and perfect the ones they have with more attention to details and designs.

    Everything I said above are simply just personal feedback and could be all BS but its one data point. I am in no way trying to insult or talk down as I know talk and rants are cheap. Even what I consider flaws i appreciate very much as I am a flashaholic at heart and its all what make this hobby so intriguing to me.
    I am happy to realize how happy I am. Thus, a chain reaction of happiness.

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    Default Re: Klarus XT11UVvn - UV Security Light

    I am happy to realize how happy I am. Thus, a chain reaction of happiness.

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