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Thread: I bought a Chinese Motorcycle :)

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    Default I bought a Chinese Motorcycle :)

    I bought a Chinese dual sport motorcycle. This is the best and worst of my experience after 1500+ miles of riding it. I think for the money you get a lot of bike ($1350 brand new), but there are definitely some things
    you need to know about these before getting one. They are no Ultrafire, but they are not quite a Convoy either

    Please let me know what you think about these bikes. Share your experience a photos etc if you have them!
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    Default Re: I bought a Chinese Motorcycle :)

    Last night my coworker said he was looking for a Chinese bicycle. The one you see in almost every Chinese movie. There’s a reason millions of people are riding them. I wonder if yours will hold up as well
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    Default Re: I bought a Chinese Motorcycle :)

    I raced dirt bikes for many years. My experience is that the manufacturing tolerances are poor, the raw materials are poor, and the quality control is poor.
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    Default Re: I bought a Chinese Motorcycle :)

    While I personally agree with some of the sentiments posted earlier, I would ask for members to be so kind as to respect the topic at hand & to refrain from general bashing.
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    Default Re: I bought a Chinese Motorcycle :)

    Thanks for the review. It just confirms my opinion on Chinese motorbikes. Although I like to thinker on my bikes I will stay far away from any Chinese brand. Mostly you get what you pay for. If you need a reliable bike it can't go wrong with buying a Japanese one.

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