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Thread: Light for finding street addresses

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    Default Light for finding street addresses

    Hi, I have been looking for years for a cheap light that has these features. MagLites are nearly perfect but to large or weak in this configuration. I am looking for a small flashlight that can be focused quickly with a momentary side switch. The light should be large enough I can put in the door pocket.

    Momentary side momentary switch
    Slide Focusing
    Weather resistant
    18650 battery
    Micro USB Rechargeable would be nice
    1000+ lumens

    I'm driving at night and do not want to mess around with on-off or brightness. A powerful light that can light up a front of a house for just a second to find the address number. The side switch works so much better than a tail cap since I am frequently hanging my arm out the window and aiming upwards. Quick, one handed focusing helps with not causing a disturbance with residents. The closest I've seen have the momentary switch on the tail cap. It would be even better if it had the color of the Nichia 219 C. 300 lumens is not enough.

    I've had many cheap lights that have had some of the features, never all of them. If you can recommend a reasonably priced one, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Either the Ankler "Super Bright" Bolder LC90 ($28 on Amazon) or the magnificent Olight Warrior X 2000 which runs around $130; Both have a nice throw and reasonable spill that doesn't compromise your night vision like a bare light bulb would

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    Default Re: Light for finding street addresses

    I question why you would want a side switch, while sitting in a drivers seat holding the light would require you to either hold the light very unnaturally or hold your arm out straight and risk it getting hit by a passing... hope you get my point. Anyway I think a rear switch would better better, instant to find too.

    Slide focusing is generally only on really cheap and nasty Chinese Amazon specials (apart from LED Lensers and Pelicans), stay away from them... which again those AA 300 lumen rated Chinese lights are actually no where near that especially on a standard AA. I'm guessing you listed the 1000 lumen requirement based on your experience of using such lights.

    Point is, I'm certain you do not need 1000 lumens to read street addresses/numbers.

    I'd recommend a Streamlight Stylus Pro USB, 250 lumens, 109m beam distance but you'll want to half that for real world use so say good to just over 60m. Charges via USB.
    50 USD. Spill (outside the main hotspot will be similar to the Maglite LEDs). Modes, high and low, low useful for reading (receipts etc?) in your vehicle. Light so can fit in a shirt pocket.

    If you really do insist on brighter, then look at the rechargeable Mag-Tac lights (non crenelated for the high/low output). They come with the vehicle charger kit too.

    If you found this info useful and end up getting one of these lights... AND you happen to be a pizza delivery guy, do me a favor and tell your boss to get some vegan cheese options on the menu, everyone loves pizza, only our options are often still very limited.
    BTW fun fact: originally real Italian pizza didn't even have any cheese on it.
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    - I don't make fanboy recommendations, if I recommend a light it's because it's the most practical option for your intended application.
    - Whatever light you carry, no keychain should be without a Photon Micro-Light II.

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