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Thread: crude 50w HID spotlight/searchlight

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    Default crude 50w HID spotlight/searchlight

    hey, it's my first post here so please be gentle. I've been enamoured with searchlights ever since i saw a post on here about an AN/VSS-3. I've been researching building my own searchlight for a while now but i figured i should get my feet wet with something a little more simple and small scale first. so this is my mini 50w HID searchlight (more of a spotlight with big dreams but oh well). It runs off of 240v mains, the body is a slightly modified paint can, it has an 8" reflector and puts out about 19k lux at 3m. not much but still wanted to post because I am simply excited that it works at all.
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    Default Re: crude 50w HID spotlight/searchlight

    Wow! Not bad for a newbie! Itís actually more than anything which Iíve ever made, which is nothing . Def the brightest paint can Iíve ever seen! Pretty cool and yes, u should be proud! Nice beamshots too.

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