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Thread: Most Anti-Flashaholic thing I've ever seen.

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    Au Most Anti-Flashaholic thing I've ever seen.

    Watching some extremely questionable "adventuring"
    This started off scary... than I find that the person trusting their life and a total novice at this is... only equipped with 2 flashlights.
    The one on is a head lamp he is borrowing which he is told "should last an hour or 2" and that seems fine to him for this activity, the 2nd is flashlight he never lets leave his hand a "Fenix" is sounds like not sure if his or not.. but he has no idea how to turn it on or make it work....

    I'm not sure at which point I'd stress more, the reality that flashlights today too complicated for use by nontrained personal in high Adrenaline environments, or the concept of going into something like this so critically unprepared.

    “What do you mean LEDs are more efficient then Incans?”, that’s just what they want you to think! It’s a Conspiracy, Man!

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    The ironic thing is modern flashlights make it easier than ever to bring enough light with you - with the extended runtimes and multiple modes available. There is no excuse for this!

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    Default Re: Most Anti-Flashaholic thing I've ever seen.

    Great, now I am watching abandon mine videos all day. lol I would have gone with probably 5 or 6 lights and tons of spare cells. And chalk to mark my way back out.
    Interested in Saltytri lights. Pm me!

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