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View Poll Results: Would you buy a Malkoff MDC HA SHO 1AA? If so how many?

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  • Nope, I'm more practical than tactical.

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  • Nope, I'm down with AllTheLumens and prefer to EDC 1000 lumens for a tactical light

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Thread: Malkoff MDC HA SHO 1AA

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    Default Malkoff MDC HA SHO 1AA

    Poll: Would you buy a Malkoff MDC HA SHO 1AA?

    I知 trying to gather the level of interest for a MDC SHO 1AA.

    Now to be upfront, about 6 months ago I already asked Gene why he has never released an MDC SHO 1AA and he said that a single AA would not allow the current draw and voltage necessary for any reasonable runtime and output. I disagree with that statement for reasons listed below.

    I知 hoping that if Gene can see some interest and enthusiasm in this poll, then he値l get about to producing one.

    Proposed (and realistic I hope) MDC HA SHO 1AA Specifications:

    • 150 lumens for 1.5 hours on a rechargeable Ni-MH AA battery (can also run off of a readily available AA alkaline battery 1 hour, AA lithium battery offers an increased runtime of 2 hours).
    • Regulated output.
    • No instant shutoff, output declines towards the end of a depleted battery.
    • Protected against reverse polarity.
    • Standard 1AA Shrouded Body for pocket carry, 1AA Unshrouded Body possible option.
    • Waterproof to IPX7. 1M for 30 mins (currently Malkoff lights are not listed as being waterproof, however tests on YouTube and here on CPF have shown them to be waterproof). An official rating would instill confidence in purchasing decisions and may even be a requirement for some government agencies/units.

    Design goal: A small, simple, pocket-able, rugged, kick-ass tactical light with a decent runtime and with guilt free lumens so extremely economical and environmentally friendly. As MDC lights are not that expensive you can afford to buy several, one for every family member.

    It is my belief in that this light would be popular for some law enforcement agencies as there are many in the US that only provide AA batteries, and I believe it is the exception for any police force outside of the United States to provide officers with CR123 batteries. This light could also be popular with the US State Department who I know for a fact ordered hundreds of Streamlight Protac 1AA lights several years back for some of their tactical training courses they were running. Surefire痴 Andrew Wright also previously stated that the State Department痴 Diplomatic Security Service was the agency that requested the Surefire Scout AA weapon light a few years ago too.
    Details mentions here:


    Q: Gene Malkoff already said that a single AA can稚 provide a reasonable runtime and output.
    A: This depends on what reasonable runtime and output means, will a single AA provide 250 lumens? Well no, at least not for very long, but a more modest output of 150 lumens should certainly be
    possible for at least 1.5 hours on an Eneloop. To give a couple of examples of output and runtimes of other 1AA lights:

    Streamlight Protac 1AA:
    High: 150 lumens; 105m beam; runs 1 hour 20 minutes (alkaline); runs 4.25 hours (lithium); 2,750 candela.

    Zebralight SC52 L2 AA
    H1 300 Lumens for 0.9 hrs, H2 184 Lumens for 1.7 hrs.

    Q: Who would this light be aimed at?

    A: Law enforcement, military, security contractors, either as small backup light to a larger patrol light, or as a primary light for plain clothes, low-vis, or off-duty carry, in addition to concealed carry permit holders who require a small EDC light for use in conjunction with a firearm. The average person can also benefit from having a small tactical light on their person at all times too for situational awareness when out out night, to check in and around their vehicles before approaching and getting in, for crossing dark parking lots and lighting up dark areas and and potential threats. Dog walkers will also appreciate the usefulness of a bright light with a simple mode of operation. A simple single mode bright light will also be great for any family or loved ones to carry when walking in the dark, and could be a life saver if required to exit a dark smoke filled building or underground public transport in the event of a fire. Would also be great for travel.

    Q: Malkoff already sells the MDC HA SHO 1CR123, why would I want an AA version?
    A: The CR123 battery does offer a lot of benefits in that it packs the most capacity (relatively speaking to other small batteries) and delivers higher voltages, but AA batteries certainly do have some major advantages namely being that AA batteries are readily available everywhere in the world and at a cheap price. In a SHTF situation or even an everyday emergency, AA batteries are much more likely to be accessible to you. Also everyone these days has or should have rechargeable AA/AAA batteries too, so an AA light should have close to zero operating costs which is not only good for your wallet but also great for the environment. Rechargeable AA batteries are usable hundreds of times, and you able to step out the house with full capacity everyday, something you certainly can稚 do with a CR123 unless you were to throw away partially used batteries.

    For more info on the pros and cons of AA batteries see:

    Q: But CR123 batteries are more reliable and I don稚 trust AA batteries.
    A: True although CR123 batteries have the highest/lowest temperature specs, and technically the most reliable, you can't be sure that the spare CR123 battery/batteries that you are carrying aren't from a bad batch. For example, I've seen reviews on Energizer lithium AA batteries where the whole pack was bad, and if you had taken these to a remote location and were depending on them, then you would have been left in the dark, literally. Taking this into account besides being rechargeable, Ni-MH batteries have an often overlooked advantage of being constantly tested in day to day usage, so if you generally use the same few cells then you know their characteristics and can trust that they aren't going to fail on you.

    Q: But 150 lumens just isn稚 very bright.
    A: It wasn稚 so long ago that the Surefire 6P was the best tactical flashlight available, it had a total of 65 lumens ran on two expensive CR123 batteries and had a runtime of 1 hour. Or perhaps a more equivalent example would be the Surefire E1B Backup as listed in the Surefire 2011 catalog, with an output of 110 lumens and a runtime of 1.3 hours. These lights were good for their intended applications then and they still are now. While 150 lumens may not seem that much these days, it is more than enough to identity a threat at 25 yards on the FBI Qualification Course as an example. Hell, in the past I've used a 70 lumen Protac 1AA to blind someone on the other side of the street

    Q: Yeah but seriously I want #allthelumens for tactical use.
    A: OK, still don稚 think that 150 lumens is good enough, even when 150 lumens or less lights are standard EDC by so many top firearms instructors who also teach low-light courses?

    Kyle Defoor, former US Navy SEAL and now a firearms instructor and owner of Defoor Proformance Shooting. His usual EDC light is 150 lumens on 1AA which is the battery he usually uses at least while traveling anyway.

    Kyle Lamb, former 1st SFOD-D (Delta) (was in the real 腺lack Hawk Down operation in Mogadishu), now a firearms instructor and owner of Viking Tactics. Although he appears in many Surefire videos, according to an interview in the June 2017 edition of 賎un World he states that his usual EDC is a Streamlight Protac 1AAA which at the time was just 70 lumens. He recommends against using any light with multi-modes, so it is safe to assume that he has his Protac programmed to high only:

    Mike Pannone, former operational member of U.S. Marine Reconnaissance, Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and 1st SFOD-D (Delta), now a firearms instructor and owner of CTT Solutions. His usual EDC lights are the Surefire Backup or Stiletto flashlights.
    However he has previously taught classes using a 65 lumen Streamlight Stylus Pro.

    I could go on with many more examples of former military and special operations forces instructors that use what many flashaholics would consider a low lumen light for EDC, but the 3 above should prove my point.

    Q: So will this single AA light replace my other 1000 lumen lights that I keep in my gun safe or bedside?
    A: It could do, but it doesn稚 have to, keep the higher lumen CR123 cell lights for emergency use, and use this smaller 1AA light for EDC.

    Q: So OK, why don稚 I just buy a Streamlight Protac?
    A: Sure you can, I have used a few of the Protac lights for many years and apart from the original 1AA models (had 2 that both flickered), the other newer models have served me well and I still carry them sometimes, in fact I only just carried my Protac 1L this weekend instead of my usual HDS EDC LE as it was warm and I was in running shorts so wanted a lighter smaller light. However the quality and durability of the Malkoff MDC lights is far superior than any Streamlight light that has been put together in a Chinese factory.
    The Malkoff MDC lights are way better quality, rock solid and use the best switches available (McGizmo clicky), the switches are also user replaceable, as are the rubber boots and lenses, plus you have the option of adding a steel bezel too!

    Q: Even a single AA flashlight is just too big for me, I want a 1AAA.
    A: Grow a pair of big hands.
    Seriously, if a single AA light is too big for you then you are not the target market for this kind of light, stick to your 1AAA or smaller keychain light.

    Q: But I need a moonlight mode!
    A: This light is NOT for you, then. SHO means Single High Only, Malkoff already sells an MDC AA with LMH modes. Moonlight mode is certainly useful for middle of the night bathroom runs, but I壇 argue that it has zero practical use for day to day usage at least for most people. Keep your moonight mode light under your pillow as I do.

    Q: I need a multiple output levels!
    A: If you are only going to carry one light, then this light is probably not for you. SHO means Single High Only, Malkoff already sells an MDC AA with LMH modes. Don't get me wrong, having multiple output levels is very useful and can be critical in an emergency such as a long power outage. A SHO light would not be ideal in a power outage, however you could carry an additional flashlight with a longer runtime on a keychain for utility purposes. You should probably be doing this anyway, as two is one, one is none.

    Q: So what痴 so special about the Malkoff lights.
    A: US made, and with potted electronics, so they can take a real beating and won稚 fail like most others can and do after dropping onto the floor. Ergonomically they feel great in the hand too, not on a HDS level, but excellent none the less.

    Q: Yeah but my EDC light is rated to to 2M drops.
    A: Malkoff lights due to the potted electronics have even been thrown off the top of a house down onto concrete and survived the fall with no damage.
    Not many lights could live up to this kind of abuse, well the ARC AAA, Fenix E01, HDS clickies could and have of course.

    Q: Any other good points about the Malkoff MDC?
    A: The warranty. Along with HDS and Elzetta, Malkoff have the best warranties and customer support in the industry. The Malkoff MDC lights also have the best pocket clips, they are second to none with perhaps only McGizmo being as good as them (I don稚 own a McGizmo but I do understand the clips are awesome) and this is coming from me who usually deep pocket carries lights without using the clip at all. Also if I was going to clip the light to a backpack, MOLLE, or my belt then the MDC clip is the only clip I would trust to retain my light.

    Thanks if you have taken the time to read down to here, I値l cut it short now as I don稚 want to bore you any more.

    Convinced you need a MDC HA SHO AA yet?

    I welcome any comments below.
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