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Thread: Recommend a flashlight for a pizza delivery guy

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    Default Recommend a flashlight for a pizza delivery guy

    Okay, I give up, I can't find the light I need on my own. I'm tired of looking.

    I deliver pizzas until 1 or 2 am. I have two flashlight tasks that I perform a lot. Most frequent is when I have the heat bag in the back seat and I can't read the label without taking the box out and holding it right next to the dome light, which is retarded. Next most frequent is to try and find where the retards put their address, if anywhere, in lieu of putting it on their mailbox or out near the curb like someone with an above-room-temp IQ who wants to be found quickly by first responders.

    The most frequent task is probably lower-ranked in terms of determining what I need from a light, simply because it's much easier to achieve than the second most frequent task. In other words, almost any light will make a label inside a heat bag legible, whereas brightly lighting an address 100' away is a much bigger ask. If need be, I can get a second pen light or keychain light to light inside the bag. What I really need is something with throw for the addresses.

    In descending order:


    $30 or under.

    Tight beam that will BRIGHTLY illuminate house/apartment building addresses from my car on the street at typical urban and suburban complex/development distances; usually no more than 100'.

    Batteries that I can buy @ Wal-Mart or Amazon (Wouldn't hurt if they can ALSO use some exotic battery).

    No modding. I'm not a flashlight enthusiast.


    Relatively small. It can be bigger than the palm-sized EDC lights I've been seeing, but it needs to be something that I can stuff into a pocket if need be (I don't plan to keep it in my pocket and I don't NEED to keep it in my pocket, but it would be NICE if I COULD keep it in my pocket).

    Rechargeable, i.e., can take rechargeable batteries I can buy at Wal-Mart or Amazon, or even better I can plug the light itself into a mini-USB or whatever it is that phones and most small devices use.

    Decent battery consumption rate.

    Simple. The fewer modes and the less clicking, the better. This is NOT going to be a do-it-all light. It's basically just for lighting up addresses from my car, or while I'm walking around a cul-de-sac trying to figure out which jackass with his porch light off is the one who ordered the pizza.

    And I think I want an LED light, unless there's some compelling reason for some other type.
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