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    High Power Multifunctional Searchlight

    The ACEBEAM X65 MINI was sent to me directly by ACEBEAM for the review.
    For the technical characteristics of the torch:

    The Acebeam X65 MINI is a high-power light torch with a single switch on the side.
    It develops a maximum power of 12000 lumens and its beam reaches a distance of 1403 meters for 492000cd.
    The X65 MINI is equipped with 5 CREE XHP 35 HI LEDs (the test version is 6500K) and offers 6 brightness levels plus the
    Strobe mode.
    The Acebeam X65 MINI is powered by four rechargeable Li-ion 18650 batteries (ARC18650H-310) of 3100 mAh
    included in the sales package. The X65 MINI is equipped with an electronic lock as well as a tripod socket
    and is recommended, in particular, for search, rescue and long-range lighting.
    The Acebeam X65 MINI is IPX8 certified (5 meters submersible) with impact resistance at 1 meter.
    Hold in your hands is an impressive torch even if the body's dimensions are compact and similar to other 4x18650s
    of the same house. The large head, mostly smooth, and the quality of the construction and details stand out in particular.


    - 5xCree XHP35 High Intensity LED with a lifespan of 50,000hours
    - Max Output 12,000 lumens
    - Powered by 4x18650 3100mAh rechargeable battery
    - Approximate runtimes in each brightness level:
    Ultra-Low: 2 lumens; 225 hours; 14 meters; 51cd
    Low: 500 lumens; 12 hours; 253 meters; 16000cd
    Mid 1: 1500 lumens; 4 hours; 403 meters; 40600cd
    Mid 2: 3500 lumens; 1.7 hours; 608 meters; 92400cd
    High: 6000 - 4200 lumens; 7 minutes + 55 minutes; 1064 meters; 283200cd
    Turbo: 12000 - 4200 lumens; 1.5 minutes + 50 minutes; 1403 meters; 492000cd
    Strobe: 3500 lumens; 3.5 hours
    - Max runtime 225 hours
    - Max beam distance 1403 meters
    - Peak beam intensity 492000cd
    - Working Voltage:12V-16.8V
    - Impact resistant: 1 meter
    - Waterproofing: IPX8 standard to 5 meters submersible
    - Size: 186.6mm (length) x 108mm (head diameter) x 53mm (tube diameter)
    - Weight: 587.75g without batteries; battery carrier 61.75g
    - 6 brightness levels and special Strobe function available
    - Stainless steel side switch for fast and convenient operation
    - Built-in intelligent temperature controller is used and adjusted brightness according to work status and temperature
    - All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
    - Tail stand; The standard tripod socket compatibility; Lock-out function
    - Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
    - Power indicator displays battery voltage,Low-voltage warning reminds when battery charging is needed
    - Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
    - Made of durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
    - Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
    - IPX8 waterproof (5 meters submersible)
    - Impact resistance to 1 meter

    The Manual:

    The packaging:

    The Acebeam X65 MINI comes in a rigid black cardboard box. On the four sides the main features that distinguish the torch are listed.

    Inside, the torch is inserted in its seat inside a polyurethane protection sponge.

    Inside the package we find:

    - Acebeam X65 MINI
    - 4 Li-ion batteries IMR 18650 (ARC18650H-310) of 3100 mAh
    - Lanyard
    - Spare O-ring x 2
    - Manual, warranty and battery warnings


    The batteries supplied with the X65 MINI are 4 Li-ion 18650 IMR 3100 mAh 20A ARC18650H-3100 compatible with CE and RoHS directives. The batteries are protected and equipped with 4 MOSFETs (metal – oxide – semiconductor field-effect transistor), providing optimal performance and maximum power in the Acebeam torch turbo mode.

    PCB protected against:
    Overcharge: (4.275 ± 0.04 V)
    Downcharge: (2.65 ± 0.08 V)
    Max A: (20 A)
    Technical specifications: 18650
    Rated voltage: 3.7 V
    Capacity: 3100 mAh
    Dimensions: 18.6 x 68.5 mm

    The battery carrier is of quality with the contact points of the gold-plated circuits. Compared to that of the X80 in my possession I found improved the insertion of the batteries which now takes place without forcing.


    The Torch:

    The Acebeam X65 MINI holds well and has small dimensions considering the type of torch, in fact the total length is only 186.6 mm. It consists of three parts: head, body and tail.
    The head of the Acebeam X65 MINI is almost completely smooth. At the top we have cooling fins while below we find the power button and the large notification LED, while on the opposite side is the tripod socket. Here too we find cooling fins to partially mitigate the heat produced.

    The X65 MINI bezel is slightly crenelated and the CREE XHP35 HI LEDs are well centered. Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating. The LEDs are well centered and are in the CW 6500K cold version.

    The side switch is in stainless steel, in relief and of generous dimensions. No difficulty finding it in the dark or pressing it with gloves. Through this switch we can fully manage the UI of the Acebeam X65 MINI. The torch has an electronic and manual lock (by slightly unscrewing the tail)

    The power indicator above the power button shows the battery voltage. The low voltage warning remembers when the batteries need to be replaced. This indicator always remains illuminated when the X65 MINI is on.

    GREEN: battery voltage = 12.6V
    CONSTANT RED: battery voltage between 11.6V ~ 12.6V
    FLASHING RED: battery voltage <11.6V
    The X65 MINI turns off when battery voltage = 10.6V

    On the opposite side of the side switch is the tripod socket. The screw that covers the hole for the tripod that allows the insertion of the lanyard supplied with the X65 MINI is well made.

    On the body and on the cap of the Acebeam X65 MINI we find a nice knurling; with a rhomboid shape on the body and oblique lines on the tail cap. The writing on the torch is well made and legible. The risks caused by the direct exposure of the light beam in the eyes and the danger of burning due to the high temperatures reached are highlighted.

    Below the head is a gold-plated rigid spring that acts as a contact with the battery carrier. All circuit contact points are gold plated to provide better conductivity and longer life.

    The threads on the body arrive well greased and are anodized. By unscrewing the tail cap by a quarter of a turn we obtain a mechanical lock. Also note the two O-rings for water and dust resistance. The Acebeam X65 MINI is IPX8 certified (5 meters submersible).


    User Interface (UI):

    The user interface (UI) of the Acebeam X65 MINI is simple and reflects that already seen on other torches in the same house. It is managed by just one switch placed on the side. We have 6 levels plus the strobe available.
    These are the data declared by the house:

    Ultra-Low: 2 lumens; 225 hours; 14 meters; 51cd
    Low: 500 lumens; 12 hours; 253 meters; 16000cd
    Mid 1: 1500 lumens; 4 hours; 403 meters; 40600cd
    Mid 2: 3500 lumens; 1.7 hours; 608 meters; 92400cd
    High: 6000 - 4200 lumens; 7 minutes + 55 minutes; 1064 meters; 283200cd
    Turbo: 12000 - 4200 lumens; 1.5 minutes + 50 minutes; 1403 meters; 492000cd
    Strobe: 3500 lumens; 3.5 hours

    ON / OFF
    ON: When the torch is off, click once on the side switch to turn on the torch and go to the previously memorized mode.
    OFF: When the torch is on, click once on the side switch to turn off the torch.

    Long press: 1 - When the torch is on, press and hold the side switch to cycle through Low-Med1-Med2-High modes, loosen the switch in the selected mode. The cycle modes can be stored.
    2 - When the torch is off, press and hold for 0.5 seconds to go into Ultra-Low mode.

    Double-click the side switch to enter Turbo mode and double-click to return to the previously stored mode.

    Triple-click to enter Strobe mode, regardless of whether the torch is on or off.

    Lock / Unlock: When the torch is off, hold down the side switch for 5 seconds, the torch will flash 3 times and it will be locked.
    To unlock the torch, press and hold the side switch for 5 seconds and turn it on in Ultra Low mode.

    The Acebeam X65 MINI next to other torches.


    Beam and Runtime:

    Good X65 MINI beam geometry also considering the 5 parables with the 5 CREE XHP 35 HI LEDs. Good lateral illumination that starts almost from the feet and considerable throw and the amount of light emitted. White color without blue dominant and very usable wide beam.

    In tests carried out outdoors at a distance of 10m and 20m the average value, in Turbo, expressed in candles was 465000cd while with the High level it was 280000cd. Impressive light emitted by the Acebeam X65 MINI. Of course in Turbo and High mode it reaches very high temperatures so that after a few minutes it becomes difficult to hold it with bare hands. With forced ventilation instead the torch remains lukewarm remaining abundantly below 40° C.

    The runtimes were performed indoors, with a temperature of around 24°C.

    I should point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.

    The tests were carried out using the "new" batteries supplied with the torch (Li-ion 18650 ARC18650H-310 of 3100 mAh) fully charged. I also used a small fan to see the behavior of the X65 MINI in conditions of forced ventilation.

    Turbo without forced ventilation.

    Turbo with forced ventilation.

    The two curves side by side.

    Finally we see the curves in Turbo mode, TurboFan, High and Mid2.



    I really liked the Acebeam X65 MINI. It has great power of light and shooting, capable of reaching considerable distances but with an exploitable beam even at shorter distances. Excellent build quality, you immediately have the feeling of a top product. In his hand he brings himself well as he is not unbalanced forward, despite his large head. Complete levels , ranging from 2 lumens to 12000 lumens and easy to use interface (UI). The Acebeam X65 MINI is sold with the four 18650 batteries included in the package and therefore usable immediately.
    The runtime is only discrete, but plausible if you want to use all the power of the torch.
    Thank you for reading the review.

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    Great review, it’s funny a light that size has mini in the name
    I'm glad I found CPF, I was beginning to think I was strange
    I'm a Canadian and a proud Flashaholic
    Thanks CPF, thanks Think2x

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