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    Original-equipment vehicle light bulbs tend to be of significantly higher quality than the aftermarket-grade (i.e. "nobody cares grade") bulbs that can be bought at parts stores. Even where any particular brand of whatever bulb can be bought either at a parts store or through an automaker's parts system, the automakers generally get, and therefore sell, higher-quality bulbs. It's principally because the consequences of a bulb issue are greater for bulbs bought, handled, and sold by automakers versus for bulbs bought by a consumer. Why? Because automaker-supplied bulbs are used for repairs under warranty, for improvements described in service bulletins, and for recall repairs, so any bulb problem winds up costing the automaker money and reputational stock, plus the consumer's even more upset than if they'd had the same problem from a bulb they just picked up at the parts store. So, here is a list of automaker part numbers for OE-quality bulbs. It will keep growing as more information is added and new knowledge gained, but no guarantee of accuracy can be provided because nothing prevents an automaker from changing suppliers or specifications on any part at any time. Special thanks to RobertM for getting this list started.

    Bulb Type Carmaker & Part № Description Bulb maker E-mark
    W5W Honda 34901-S6D-G01HE 12V 5W Stanley •
    W5W Honda 34103-SMA-003 12V 5W Stanley
    W5W Honda 33301-SNA-003 12V 5W Stanley •
    WY5W Honda 33301-S5H-T01 12V 5W, Amber Stanley •
    - Honda 34351-657-921 12V 5W Stanley
    168 Honda 34901-SB0-671 12V 5W 3CP Stanley
    3652 Honda 34306-SH3-003 12V 5W 6CP, Krypton fill Stanley
    158 Honda 34253-SNA-003 12V 3.4W Stanley
    194A (194NA) Honda 34351-SJA-003 12V 1.5CP, Amber Stanley
    921 Honda 34901-SB3-671 12.8V 18W 21CP Stanley
    W16W Honda 34901-TK8-A01 12V 16W 21CP Stanley •
    3496 Honda 34906-SL0-A01 12.8V 43/3CP Stanley
    3497 Honda 34903-SF1-A01 12V 45CP Stanley
    P21/5W Honda 34911-634-611 12V 21/5W Stanley •
    PY21W Honda 33301-S04-004 12V 21W, Amber Stanley •
    W21W (7440) Honda 33303-SL4-003 12V 21W Stanley •
    W21W (7440) Mazda 9970-06-210 12V 21W Toshiba •
    WY21W (7440A, 7440NA) Honda 33303-S2R-003 12V 21W, Amber Stanley •
    W21/5W (7443) Honda 34906-ST5-003 12V 21W/5W Stanley •
    W21/5W (7443) Mazda 9970-08-215 12V 21W/5W Toshiba •
    1157A (1157NA) Honda 33303-SD4-671 12V 24/2.2CP, Amber Stanley
    7444NA Honda 33303-SZT-A01 12V 28/8W, Amber Stanley
    3057 Honda 34906-S82-A01 12V 32/2CP Stanley
    3457A (3457NA) Honda 34906-SJC-A02 12V 28/8W, Amber Krypton Stanley
    H1 Honda 34901-SZ3-000 12V 55W Stanley •
    H3 Honda 34908-SA0-811 12V55W Stanley •
    H3C Honda 33165-SM4-003 12V 55W Stanley
    H4 Honda 33115-SM3-003 12V 60/55W Stanley •
    H8 Honda 33165-S5A-J01 H8 12V 35W Stanley •
    H11 Honda 33165-S5A-003 12V 55W Stanley •
    HB2 (9003) Honda 33111-SR3-A01 12V 60/55W Stanley •
    HB3 (9005) Honda 33115-S84-A11 12V 60W Stanley •
    HB4 (9006) Honda 33116-S84-A11 12V 51W Stanley •
    HIR1 (9011) Toyota 90981-13066 12V 60W Toshiba •
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