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Thread: acebeam forehead scorcher h30

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    Default acebeam forehead scorcher h30

    got one to give to dad for fathers day.
    gave it a few test runs, steps down in 2 minutes to like 1000 lumens.
    hit turbo again and it stepped even quicker.
    it was 144 degrees f when i shot it with my 150 dollar fluke temp gun.
    i would be embarrassed to give this to anybody as a gift.
    be like, hey, its bright as crap for 2 minutes, then not so much, be careful if you re-turbo it again, youll be in the hospital for 3rd degree burns !

    thanks acebeam , but no thanks...
    its going back........

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    Default Re: acebeam forehead scorcher h30

    Closing this duplicate thread.
    ... is the archimedes peak

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