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Thread: Nitecore TUP: impressions/pictures, (beam)shots, comparison

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    Lightbulb Nitecore TUP: impressions/pictures, (beam)shots, comparison

    I tested already some members of the mini-light-series made by Nitecore: Very compact (keychain)lights with good output to their sizes and two built-in user-modes. Nitecore added another one to this line: The “big” TUP with max. 1000 lumens output. Extra to this light is the informative OLED-screen that provides information about remaining runtimes and power levels. This is really an unique feature to a flashlight of this size! I’ll show you by pictures and text a close-up to the TUP and its details, and my opinions about this product.

    this is the biggest member of the “mini-light-line” of Nitecore

    compact but surprising powerful

    thanks to this powerful XP-L HD V6 led

    Here are the features and the output and runtime chart:

    Unboxing pictures:

    Showing you some pics here of the package and what we can find inside. Not a lot of parts this time, but what we need is there, except a pouch or holster.

    comes in a nice box that is mainly in black

    on the back the specifications

    see what’s inside: no charging cable or pouch; Nitecore has kept this very austere

    Impressions pictures:

    I’ll show you my impressions by a couple of pictures. The TUP is built and finished well; most parts are made of metal, the lens and screen cover is made of plastic. The clip is a very strong one; the ring at the tail can carry up to 30 kilograms. My overall impressions are good, but the plastic lens and parts (buttons) are sensitive for scratches. See the pictures below for more details and impressions.

    again a nice styling

    totally different to TIP and TINI brothers

    tailstanding isn’t possible, only when you use a trick; I really miss this feature

    special design on the lens to create a broad beam

    the double buttons can be found easily, but feel the same in the dark

    on the opposite side the micro-usb port with protecting rubber cover

    the big and strong clip can be detached

    close up to the controls, no stiff structure

    unique feature on a light of this format: an informative screen with a lot of information

    lockout-mode 1 is active, the TUP has 2 in total

    the lens is made of plastic, that is less scratch-resistant

    a close up at the XP-L V6 HD led; i found some dust in the lens in my sample

    voltage-check accurate to 2 digits; great feature!

    overall finishing and build-quality is good

    one of brightest keychain-lights available

    several ways to fix the TUP; the ring can carry up to 30 kilograms!

    on your jacket

    carrying it in your pocket; holds well thanks to the big clip

    User interface:

    The TUP has a nice interface, you can choose out of two main-modes, called DEMO and DAILY. It’s easy to control the light, it has momentary on and two nice low modes. It remains the last used mode. The highest level, TURBO, is only available as momentary, and has a timer, it will least maximum for 30 seconds. This is to prevent the light for overheating and otherwise it will demand to much power from the battery too. In DAILY-mode the TUP stays on until you turn it off, in DEMO that TUP goes off automatically after 30 seconds. The screen gives info about remaining runtime, power level, chosen mode and remaining time that the light will stay on (in DEMO and TURBO). In standby, you can check the voltage, the main-mode, the memorized output mode. The buttons are the same kind that Nitecore used in the TINI, they could be more stiff and different in shape or structure for better control. Summarizing, I like the bunch of thought-out options that this tiny light provides to the user. Almost all options (that usually only are available on larger lights) are packed in this compact flashlight. I’d like to see that the buttons are different in shape and have more stiff structure; this would help you to find the right one back in the dark.


    Some photos here with the other T-brothers made by Nitecore. See that the TUP is clearly the “big brother” of the T-family.

    RCR123A, TINI, TIP and TUP

    TINI, TIP and TUP

    TINI, TIP and TUP

    XP-G2 S3, XP-G2 S3 and XP-L V6 HD

    the backs: TINI, TIP and TUP

    Beamprofile and tint:

    It’s in the name of the used led: the XP-L HD V6 has a broad beam with big hotspot and even good throw for such a tiny light. It has a medium corona and spill. In the profile you can see back the special design of the reflector: the TUP can light up a surprising wide area. The tint is cool white, see on below pictures that it looks better than the bluish tint of the TIP. As we’re used of Nitecore, I can’t detect PWM at any mode. No defects in the beam anywhere, good work of here of the manufacturer.


    Firstly, I´ll show you the light indoors when aimed on a white wall. The five levels and a GIF. Distance about 1 meter. See the nice two lower levels, I really like that.

    Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/125 sec, 35mm


    Going outdoors now. Location is a grass field with some trees and a little wall at right side. The TUP mounted on a tripod; starting again by showing the five levels and a GIF. Check the good output of the TUP and the nice broad beam.

    Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 4 sec, 35mm


    Time for some comparison now! A shoot-out now featuring the TUP and its brand new brother, the TIP2. This light has a double led and a in a smaller head. See the difference between the two on the pictures below with the lights in hand: The big and bright hotspot and better output of the TUP against the beam of the TIP2. It’s clear that the TIP2 is made for illumination at shorter distance, it has a more egal and “soft” beamprofile.

    Nitecore TUP at maximum output

    Nitecore TIP2 at maximum output

    Nitecore TUP at maximum output

    Nitecore TIP2 at maximum output


    I’ve become a fan of this EDC-light! Not the smallest I ever had my hands on, but full of nice features, a very good interface and a nice informative screen, that really provides a lot of information, including the remaining time in turbo-mode. You can chose out of two options to lock-out the TUP, there are also two user-modes available. The auto shut-off after thirty seconds can be very useful if you need the light for short illumination at night. Both access to direct ultralow as momentary-on in turbo-mode is possible with this torch. I would like to see a glass-lens and more stable buttons (metal) on this light. Personally, I missed the option for tailstanding. But I can recommend this nice compact flashlight, it is complete and bright!

    Thanks to Nitecore for the opportunity to test the Nitecore TUP!
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    Default Re: Nitecore TUP: impressions/pictures, (beam)shots, comparison

    Wow: that little flashlight shines that bright? Where to buy? Cost?

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    Default Re: Nitecore TUP: impressions/pictures, (beam)shots, comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by abMeLek1 View Post
    Wow: that little flashlight shines that bright? Where to buy? Cost?
    I can't remember the rules on posting store links any more, and frankly, I'm too lazy to look them up, but you can look for a "nitecore store" on your favorite search engine, or perhaps go to a "battery junction" site, or head to your favorite amazon rain forest site, and you can find them. If you get creative with your search terms, I bet you can find more outlets, too.
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    Default Re: Nitecore TUP: impressions/pictures, (beam)shots, comparison

    Pretty amazing little ' Keyring ' light. It feels bulky on your keyring compared to the TIP and TINI, but I seem to remember it wasn't that long ago that a single 18650 cell flashlight was putting out those sort of lumens, and was certainly bulkier than the TUP. The TIP is a nice allrounder, particularly in the hi CRI version, but a 1000LM momentary!!…, what a feature on a keyring light.

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