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    I am getting interested in learning more about e-bikes. Where do I start? Obviously, I have Googled it, but are there any sites that I should look at to help me pick one?

    Also, what's up with electric bicycle batteries? Does each one have a proprietary pack or are some/any using a common, standard battery pack?

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    When I bought my Haibike 2.5yrs ago there were some features I knew I wanted. I was already a cyclist and the E-Bike store in my city allowed me to test ride different models which was invaluable in choosing the correct bike. is a good resource with reviews and a forum.

    Without being able to do a test ride if that's your situation I would suggest a few things..

    1. How far you plan on riding is important for knowing how big the battery should be. For example I commute a 14mi. round trip and my 400 watt hour battery handles that with no problem, in summer and winter.

    2. If you already cycle that means you’re strong so for you an E-Bike which has a 20mph governed speed limit would, as it was for me on my test ride, be disappointing and unnecessary, I opted for a bike that goes 28mph.
    That 7mi leg of my commute which I could do in 30min without a motor, I can do in 20min. on the E-Bike.

    3. How much money you have to spend will be a factor in determining which features you can have or not. I wanted a motor not in the wheel-hubs but in the crank area for better balance and easier wheel changes.

    Good luck.
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    i second mid drive, but unless you are buying ebike made from scratch, the only viable option is bafang 8fun motor, they come in different power ratings, from 350w to 1000w.

    the power you need depends greatly on your weight, terrain, and how fast you want to go.

    to answer your questions we'd need to know few things, are you plan on building one, or buy ready made. how fast, and how far will you be driving on daily basis, will it be leveled paved road, or mountains, and your weight. and of course your budget

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