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Thread: Mis-categorized New LEP Forum

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    Default Mis-categorized New LEP Forum

    LEP is analogous to LED and therefore should rightfully be in the flashlight category,not lasers.

    I believe this matters because there is a negative stigma attached to lasers which should not, in any way, be associated with LEP.

    Sincerely, Thank you.

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    Default Re: Mis-categorized New LEP Forum

    Yes, indeed, we carefully considered both possible locations.

    The overlap exists, so there will not be a perfect solution to this.

    However, both structurally (contains a laser) and functionally (tighter beam than most handheld spotlights and HID torches) LEP is more closely related to the laser forum.

    Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, modders are already modifying LEP torches which may raise safety and regulatory concerns more akin to lasers than those associated with traditional LED technology.

    I believe this is what you are implying about the "stigma" of lasers above. While I wouldn't label it with that particular term, lasers certainly do present unique exposure issues in terms of their light output.

    I also note that manufacturers of most current commercially available (consumer) LEP flashlights are including "laser warnings and precautions" in their user manuals and recommendations for proper and safe use.

    Thank you for raising this question, which allows us to explain our choice more fully here.
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