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Thread: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

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    Default Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    I have a budget to stay on, but am willing to stretch if it's worth it. I also believe in carrying a backup light. Hence, I bought two: a Convoy C8+, and the Malkoff M61HOT MD2. For the Convoy, itís the shipping time. For the Malkoff, itís the price.

    Before all of this, I sent a lot of messages on Facebook to Malkoff asking for details about different models of lights. It took time, but they were all answered thoroughly.

    The whole purchase of the M61HOT took three days, from July 7th to today, when I receive it. Unboxing wise, the light itself was inside a zip lock bag. The zip lock bag was inside a bubble-wrapping bag. The bubble wrapping bag was placed in the USPS box, and was secured to minimize shock.

    Build impression
    Both lights are well built, in my opinion. However, there is something about the Malkoff thatís missing in the C8+, most noticeably when I picked it up. The M61HOT is about half an inch shorter than the C8+, and more compact since the head diameter is smaller. When I held the C8+ two days ago, it didnít feel as awesome as when I just did the M61HOT. The tricap prevents the Malkoff from rolling, and it simply makes the Malkoff looks way cooler.

    I paid for the Hi/Lo ring, but I'm not sure how it works, as I turn the head, the light turns off. I'm waiting for a reply from the company.

    The M61HOT has momentary switch, the C8+ does not.

    Initial beam profile impression
    The C8+ has 12 group modes with a total of 55 modes. I choose 100% output and leave it so.

    I turned on both lights in my room. In my opinion, the C8+ is noticeably brighter than the M61HOT. It is expected, because the C8+ is rated at 1100lm while the M61HOT is only at 740lm.

    I still have to drain the battery down to see how each performs, and look at the night time beam.

    Current thoughts
    I may have overspent for my needs. The Malkoff surely feels much greater in the hand, and looks much cooler. Besides those, lego-ability, top-notch quality, and great customer service (as many have discussed. I haven't been through an exchange, or warranty case, so I can't tell yet). However, the C8+ is decent in the hand, may be not as well built, but purchasing four C8+'s would somewhat relieve me from quality, and customer service issues. Furtheremore, four C8+'s still cost less than one M61HOT MD2 with Hi/Lo ring. For my current use, I can't see how I can go wrong with four C8+'s.

    As mentioned, I'll check the brightness output on both and the runtime on the C8+ and update it here.

    Please let me know what I'm missing.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    The M61HOT with the high low ring should not "turn off" when the head of the light is loosened slightly. It should go into low mode. Have a look inside the head of the light. Is the ring inside the head a chrome colored aluminium? Or is it brass? Photos might help the Malkoff junkies diagnose the issue.

    Cheers and congrats on your purchases!
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    Default Re: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    I have never owned a Convoy, so I can't comment on their quality. I own numerous Malkoffs and I really like them. I have a few that I have used very hard. I do have one PFlex Pro in a Solarforce host, but I believe he also uses Convoy hosts. So, by putting his drop in a Convoy host, he considers that an upgrade. Malkoff and PFlex Pro both have potted electronics, which I consider good for my needs. Also the Malkoffs can lego like you said and the switches, boots, lenses, etc., can easily be changed out by yourself. To have a high/low ring on your light you would have selected that option when you ordered, which is the brass colored ring.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    I have noticed some of the newer hi/low rings take a smaller amount of turn to switch, but it should still take a decent turn to go from on to off.

    One nice thing about the hi/low ring is that the resistor can be changed out if you do not like the low mode output. T can be easily talored to your liking.

    From what you are saying, it sounds like it has the standard aluminum ring. As mentioned, it's easy to see which one you got. If the hi/low ring got missed, Gene will take care of it. Email or phone usually gets quicker support

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    Default Re: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    The High/Low ring in my M91T only requires 1/16 of a turn to drop it down to low mode.

    Try turning the head a fraction.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    If it looks like this you have the hi/lo ring
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    Default Re: Thoughts on M61HOT MD2

    Update: The C8+ definitely outshines the M61HOT, and the M61HOT outshines the 47's MMX-360.
    Battery wise, a review on BLF shows that the C8+ gradually drops down in time. After 40 minutes, the output reduces to a little above 60%, while after 80 minutes, it is well under 50%. On the other hand, the M61HOT MD2 would stay close to the initial output for 80 minutes, if I recall correctly. This is a huge plus, because it's what I'm looking for: FLAT LINE HIGH OUTPUT FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR BEFORE TURNING OFF (FET driver?). I realize how meaningless ANSI FL-1 standard is now , and come to appreciate what Malkoff offers: CONSERVATIVE OUTPUT RATES (among other things). Besides Malkoff, which other brand would have this?

    I emailed Cathy, and she was willing to send me a replacement head with a return label on the other head. I ended up returning the M61HOT MD2. I believe now I know what setup I prefer: one dedicated flood and one dedicated throw, each ideally under 6''. The M61HOT MD2 may be the best compromise I've seen so far in terms of size, throw and flood, and runtime, but now I think if I were to spend decent money on flashlights, I'd rather have two dedicated to two different usage. Reasons behind this: "Two is one, and one is none", size (for EDC, and aerial travel), and runtime. They put the HD Super out of the question, although it's something I'd love to carry with 2x21700's at 5,000mAh each, instead of 3x18650's at 3,500mAh each.

    I would have replied to you guys earlier. I just want to make sure the return is done properly before moving on.

    @Modernflame: Thanks for the tip! I only see a silver/gray color, no gold/yellow colored ring, for which I suspect there's no switch. Furthermore, I twisted the head, even slightly, and the light more often than not turned off, or flickered then turned off. I tried to upload photos, but the website requires me to upload photos on a different website, and link it here .

    @Dicaeopolis: I did choose that option when purchasing. And yes, holding the M61HOT feels great. I have the Convoy C8+ with me. As stated, it doesn't have a "wow" feeling in the hand, but it definitely shines more than the M61HOT.

    @INFRNL and @Dave D.: I tried, but it turned off, or flickered, then turned off. I wasn't able to get a steady low beam.

    @thermal guy: It's one solid grey/silver color, unlike the photo. Also, as mentioned, I wasn't able to get a steady low beam.

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