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Thread: The Most Suitable Charger for Flashlights: XTAR ST2

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    Default The Most Suitable Charger for Flashlights: XTAR ST2

    When looking for tactical flashlights, I set some criteria on them. That helps me save time and have a clear purpose in mind. For example: Runs on 18650 batteries. That is a must for flashlight users, some of my users friends may use the rechargeable flashlight with USB port, however, if you are a fan of outdoor camping, your best option is the insert battery flashlight. The results are whatever brand you use,
    like: SureFire ,Fenix, Anker, Klarus , ThruNite , Maglite...You will have to come out with the 18650 battery for flashlight, and a charger.
    But what is the best 18650 battery charger for you? I suppose it can be the XTAR ST2, why is that, we know that when choosing the suitable flashlight, it should be at least 500 lumens and long runtime, ST2 provides a unique experience of charging 2 Li-ion batteries separately and performs a maximum output of 4,100mA in 2-slot. It only takes 30 minutes to fully charged of a 2000mAh battery. So the quick charge powerful ST2 charger, you will be free worry of the flashlight long runtime and higher lumens.

    You will also concern about the flashlight must be waterproof, unless it will be harmful for the battery insert as well as flashlight, The XTAR ST2 charger contain Multiple protections ensure safe charging, built-in protection system can effectively prevent anti-short circuiting and reverse polarity protection, overtime charging protection, supplying your flashlight with continuous battery power.

    Taking these into account, XTAR ST2 charger prove to be your best friend for your flashlight and 18650 battery.
    Hopefully, The ST2 is now available on now. Come in and have a look!

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    Default Re: The Most Suitable Charger for Flashlights: XTAR ST2

    Looks awesome! How mach cost?

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    Default Re: The Most Suitable Charger for Flashlights: XTAR ST2

    Its cost is worthy only if it is useful for you. Beacuse XTAR ST2 powerful charger functions partical user experience will be greater.

    I believe it is displaying on Amazon,Ebay,Shopee...
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    Default Re: The Most Suitable Charger for Flashlights: XTAR ST2

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