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Thread: Display cradle for HDS special metal lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCS1300 View Post
    219b 4000K ... XPG3 [5000k] ....219c 5700K
    very nice selections of LEDs for different ambient light situations,

    4000k, warmest in the house at night,
    5000k, cooler for outdoors w more throw, at dusk and dawn, and
    5700k, coolest for daytime when sunlight white balance is in effect

    thats a very nice purpose built CCT selection for 3 different ambient lighting conditions, white balances..

    I like your wood stands, particularly the fully loaded triple
    thanks for the great photos too

    I use
    3000k on the nightstand
    4500k for everything else, it looks pink compared to sunlight, otherwise very white at dusk and dawn. I think I would like to find a nice
    5700k to add to my daytime EDC options

    choices are good :-)
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