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    Showcases various daguerreotypes and related ephemera from 1850s to 1870s.

    Beginning of film is a rich man's household who also was a daguerreotypist and shot some self-portrait dags. I believe the group of servants, carriages, etc was his, but can't remember. I have all the notes to 99% of the images, but making titles is not my thing. With the software I use, and not counting titles, a film like this could be made in under a minute.

    A few tasteful nudes are mixed in the film. Vast amount of material originated from the J. Paul Getty Museum. Balance of content is from my archive. If I hit the lotto I will hire someone to make titles for me.

    PS...someone said they don't like my projector sound. It is music to my ears, turn it off / down if you don't like it. I'm a big fair use user with images, but what excuse do you have to use others music as fair use? Plus I don't like music with my films , 99% of them anyway.

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    Going to move this to the photography subforum, (The Darkroom) probably more appropriate for there. Thanks for sharing! I'll leave a re-direct for a few days... 👍
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