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Thread: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

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    Lightbulb Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    BOSS70; 219C emitters

    My chosen configuration is 1x18650; 'Bounce' is set to 83
    1. Level 28: 17 watts, 1550lm, 30mins runtime
    2. Level 22: 4 watts, 385lm, 5hrs runtime
    3. Level 14: 0.18 watts, 16lm, ~4 days runtime
    4. Level 1: 0.0015 watts, 0.14lm, unknown runtime

    I tried out a 2x18350 program series, but decided against it - just didn't like the runtime penalties vs. 1x18650.

    So the only other configuration I have any interest in is 2xCR123:

    (Which actually makes good sense for an emergency backup - I have very few IMR18350's, but many CR123's - and the BOSS would be the most efficient use of them).
    1. Level 25: 8.8 watts, 800lm
    2. Level 20: 2 watts, 190lm
    3. Level 14: 0.18 watts, 16lm
    4. Level 1: 0.0015 watts, 0.14lm

    Runtimes are all unknown for the above; if anybody has any estimates, please feel free.
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    Default Re: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    Interesting. I used to have a similar sequence as yours, but lately been using like this:

    No Memory
    Bounce 86

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    Default Re: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    BOSS70; XP-L Hi emitters

    1x18650; 'Bounce' set to 83, Hybrid Memory

    1. Level 5: 5.8 mW, 0.7 lumens
    2. Red
    3. Level 15: 270 mW, 31 lumens
    4. Level 22: 4 watts, 480 lumens
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    Default Re: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    I sold my Wasp last year, but I just looked up my last program on Lux-RC.

    XP-L 4500K, Red secondary

    ! cell
    Level 26

    2 cell
    Level 26, 26, 26, Afterburner

    No memory
    No bounce

    That's a lot of light for a confirmed HDS user, plus I obviously have a much simpler mind than you guys.
    Peter's shopping list:- HDS / Oveready 170N Exec/LE and an Oveready V4 Nichia Drop In. Otherwise I'm content. Want want want, that's me.

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    Default Re: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    Single cell: Settings 10 (0.1% or 36 mW), 20 (7% or 2W), 31 (74% or 23W) and 10 Hz Strobe.

    Two cells: Settings 10, 20, Afterburner (100% or 30W) and 10 Hz Strobe.

    I really only use one cell. LOVE this light and EDC it. 10 is great for navigating around the house in the dark. 20 does most everything I need and once in a while I want to light up what I'm looking at (this is always at a distance).
    Malkoff WC V4 HD XM-L, V5, V6 & HD Super, HD (all using MD4 body), M61NL, M61W, MDC 1CR123, Maratac Rev 5 AA Copper, OVEREADY Boss 70 Copperite V5 XPL HI 4K + Red (EDC light), Veleno Designs Quantum D2, Peak Trillium Copper Eiger & Prometheus Alpha w/Icarus

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    Default Re: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    Boss 70 XPL HI
    Single cell: setting 1, 14, 21 and 28
    Dual cell: setting 14, 21, afterburner and strobe
    Hybrid memory and bounce activated at 91, red secondary

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    Default Re: Share your Oveready BOSS (&v5) programs

    I have had mine for less than a year so Iím still experimenting a little. Itís a high intensity with amber. This is what Iím currently settled in on.

    1. level 4 for now Iíll probably back it down to 2 or 3 during the winter
    2. level 14
    3. level 21
    4. level 27 single cell, level 25 for two cr123ís and 33 for two 18350ís.
    Hybrid memory
    Bounce 85
    Protection on
    Stretch off

    My typical carry this time of year is one 18350. Iíll switch back to an 18650e when the sunrise is later.

    I donít want to hijack the thread but what optics are you using? I have tried them all and I seem to be torn between MF & NF. WF is just too much splash and I can understand why NC is the most popular.


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