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Thread: The Malkoff Junkie Official M91BN Group Buy Thread.

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    Default The Malkoff Junkie Official M91BN Group Buy Thread.

    Group buy status update Aug 13, 2019

    WE ARE ON!!

    Aug 19th 2019...LED's ordered.

    Sept 16th 2019: Gene has LED's... 2-3 weeks.

    Oct 2nd 2019: THE Drop-ins HAVE LANDED



    Phase two LED order and payment starts now. PM's have been sent to everyone regarding payment.
    You can post in the thread when you send payment and I will mark you as paid in post #2.
    If you did not receive a PM or have a question please post in the thread.

    Group buy details below.

    This is a Group Buy for an M91B nuetral tint 5000K and if enough interest 4000K also.
    I am working with Gene directly on this GB.

    There is a minimum order quantity of 20 units, CONUS shipping only. Prepay price is $93.00 (This is the cost of the drop-in from Gene and the cost of the LED), plus shipping costs, to be calculated later.

    20 is the minimum and I will do my best to include everyone who signs up prior to Aug 12, 2019.

    If this sounds interesting, read onÖ

    All communication should take place in the comments for transparency. I wonít respond to PMs regarding this GB.

    Phase 1 ĖSign-Up:

    - Indicate your willingness to participate in the group buy by posting the following in the comments: ďIím in for QTY x and your preferred color tempĒ
    - Posting that you want to participate is a firm commitment to buy. Others are depending on you! Donít indicate that youíre going to participate if youíre ďjust thinking about it.Ē Think about it first, then decide, then sign-up.
    - Sign-up will last through 2359 hours on Aug 12, 2019.
    - If we donít get to 20, then we will shut down.

    20 is the minimum and I will do my best to include everyone who signs up prior to August 17th.

    Phase 2 Ė Pre-Pay:

    - If we get at least 20 buyers, you send $96.09 to me via PayPal Goods and Services. This breaks down to $96.09 minus $3.09 in PP fees = $93.00 which is Geneís exact quoted price.
    - PP G&S protects you through Purchase Protection, so no gnashing of teeth over the small extra amount.
    - Exact details on the information to send with your PP will be provided later!
    - Pre-pay will last through 2359 hours on Aug 21, 2019.
    - If some buyers donít pay by the Phase 2 deadline, I will possibly (a) kick in the difference or (b) shut down the GB and refund your money via PP by August 27, 2019.
    - Once you pay, youíre locked in until (a) you receive your head (b) the GB shuts down or (c) you trade your spot.

    Phase 3 Ė LED ordering/Manufacturing:

    - Once I have the LED's in hand the order will be placed with Gene
    - I will post an update once the LED's have been ordered and have shipping confirmation.
    - We wait ? During this time, I will check in with Gene weekly and post updates in the comments.
    - This phase ends when Gene ships the drop-ins to me.

    Phase 4 Ė Shipping to you:

    - This phase starts when I receive the package from Gene.
    - Assuming we make it this far, you will have 2 weeks to pay exact shipping costs, via Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box, PLUS an equal share of the bulk shipping cost of all the drop-ins from Gene to me. I will calculate the individual shipping costs later, and post details on how to pay. The USPS website says a small flat rate box is $7.90 CONUS. Add to this your share of bulk shipping from Gene to me. You will pay this via PayPal.
    - I will PM you the tracking number after I ship. Shipping is CONUS only.
    - I will provide an option for insurance, if you want to pay extra for this.
    - Not really sure what to do if you pay for the drop-in, but donít follow up with the shipping cost. I guess I will hang onto it for another 30 days before I can dispose of it as I wish. Doubt we will have this problem.
    - Once I ship to you and provide a tracking number, Iím out of the loop. Iím not responsible for lost or delayed items once USPS is in possession of your drop-in. If youíre worried about this, I will provide an option for USPS insurance.

    ************************************************** ****

    (1) What is a Malkoff M91BN? What exactly am I purchasing?

    From the Malkoff Web-site.

    This is the Malkoff Devices P90 style High Output Drop-in LED Upgrade Conversion with solid brass heatsink construction. The output is approximately 1100 measured out the front lumens at turn on and 950 continuous. The current draw is approximately 1400ma at 9 volts. The full output runtime is approximately 30-45 minutes on three CR123 primary batteries with a nice long taper as voltage drops. It will easily illuminate objects at 200+ feet and will blind opponents within a 100 foot radius. The LED is a Neutral White (4000K/5000K 80 CRI) Cree XP-L.

    This design utilizes a custom orange peel reflector designed by Don McLeish. The reflector offers a very nice balance between throw and spill. It is an outstanding room lighter and short to medium spotter. It was designed specifically for use in the Malkoff MDX-16.5 Head with the Malkoff MD3 and MD4 Bodies and Surefire 9P, Z3, and C3 Flashlights. It may or may not fit other models. The input voltage is 5.5 - 12 volts. Below 5.5 volts it will drop out of regulation. Below 5 volts it will begin to flash and below 4.5 volts it will shut off. This dropin is protected against reverse polarity.

    This GB is for the Drop In only.

    (2) Can I change my mind and back out?

    During Phase 1, yes.

    After you pay in Phase 2, no. Youíre locked in, unless we shut down.

    (3) Can I trade my spot?

    During Phase 1, no need. Just post that you want to be removed from the list.

    If/when we go into Phase 2 and beyond, it depends. If you haven't paid, post that you want out. If we have anyone in spots 26 and up, they will have the option to buy in your place, in ascending order. If youíve already paid me, then the person (in spot 26 and up) taking your place will pay you directly, per your private arrangements. If this happens, both people will need to post publicly in the comments that theyíve worked it out satisfactorily and that Person B is taking Person Aís spot. Again, if youíve already paid, your only way out is to get someone from the backup list to pay you for your spot.

    (3) What tint and emitter?

    - These https://intl-outdoor.com/led-xpl-c-107_141.html

    (4) Minimum order quantity?

    20. If we donít get 20 to sign up or pay, the GB will shut down.

    If we get more than 20, I will do my best to include the additional spots in the order. So if you want one, sign up now!

    (5) How long will it take?

    According to Gene, depending on production time, somewhere between x weeks after Gene has received the LED's. Not x weeks from when you pay.
    -I will confirm and update this post

    (6) How much profit are you making on this group buy?

    $0. The money you pay will transfer entirely to Gene and PayPal. Iím keeping none of it.

    (7) What if Iím dissatisfied with the final product?

    You would contact Gene, not me. Once I ship you the drop-in, Iím out of the loop (make sure you understand the shipping terms).

    Thanks to the following CPF'ers.
    lion504: for letting me use his GB format.
    Tuelluric: for finding a source for these LED's.
    Archimedes: for his guidance and patience, also how to find volume of irregularly shaped items and the "Archimedes Peak".
    Kestrel: for threatening a ban for anyone who backs out and causes this not to happen.
    --OK, no one is really going to banned.

    -Special thanks to Gene for putting up with us crazy CPF'ers and indulging our whims.
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