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Thread: Flashlight for wildlife spotting

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    Hi there! I'm new here, It's not the first time that I have been reading about flashlights, and I've always ended up in this forum when looking for answers for certain questions. So, I thought it would be easier to just come here and ask directly.

    I am going to make a relatively long journey asia, and I will be making all kind of wildlife spotting in the night. I already have an Olight H2R that I use for work. Works quite good for seeing reptiles, amphibians and the like, but when a mammal or a bird comes up, most of the time I am only seeing shiny eyes and vague silhouettes when they are farther than 100m.

    I am looking for a thrower. I was almost going to take an offenr in a Maglite ML300L 3D, but seeing that I am going to end up spending something like 80 euros, I am guessing if you would recommend me another better option

    I don't mind the weight or size a lot, and the distance for seeing the animals is not going to exceed 300m. I prefer higher battery life, but USB-charge with an external battery or spare rechargables are an option. Fancy interfaces are nice, but I prefer saving some money by getting something simpler!

    Do you have any recommendation?

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    Default Re: Flashlight for wildlife spotting

    A medium thrower is probably in order. Depends on your budget. For the "small" category we have things like the Emisar D1s, Lumintop GT Mini. "Medium" lights like the Thrunite Cat V6, Astrolux FT03 and Skylumen Delta. Then there are larger lights like the Thrunite TN42 and Astrolux MF04.

    If you want something super quality The Malkoff Hound Dog/ Hound Dog Super are definitely worth considering. Exquisite lights.

    Really depends on your price though.

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    Thank you for your recommendations!

    Yes! budget is important, my top price is around 80-90€, but I still have to purchase more gear for the travel, so, I'm trying to save as much as while trying not to lose to much quiality.

    So far I've seen the Olight M20SX Javelot (not convinced about the regulation) and the Acebeam L16 (good intensity, low duration).

    That Lumintop GT Mini that you have mentioned, that one looks very good for the price! but I have seen that the power goes down very rapidly while using it!

    but that Thrunite Cat V6, seems really good overall!, cant find any problem with it.

    So, do you have any recommendation between these or another one in that price range that I should really have into account?

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    Just remember very often budget and quality/reliability do not go hand in hand. If I was going to be spending a lot of time at night surrounded by wildlife some possibly quite dangerous my butt would go for something ultra reliable and of corse a backup. Malkoff all the way. I know your on a budget but you also need to be prepared.
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    I finally decided to get the Thrunite V6. I have been testing it at night at work and so far I'm very happy with the result. It heats up quite a bit, but as I have another light for walking in the night and spotting small animals, the one that is lighted most of the time, for me, the only use that I want to give to the V6 is lighting up distant animals for identification, which means that it doesn't have time to heat up a lot.

    So far so good! a good product for the money, thank you, dotCPF

    The Malkoff ones you mentioned seem quite good! A little late, since I already bought the V6, but if I have to get another one, I'll check them out.


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