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Thread: What flashlight should I choose ?

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    Help What flashlight should I choose ?


    I decided to buy a flashlight for wildlife observations, through binoculars, or a telescope, with the subjects 100m - 400m away. I'm new to flashlights and am not quite sure what kind of flashlight will suit me best. I had a long list of buying options, from the following brands: Olight, Fenix, Acebeam and Klarus. I removed the flooders, since those are definitely not what I need. Now I'm not sure if I should get a proper thrower or something between a thrower and a flooder.

    There are my buying options:

    • Olight Javelot Pro, Klarus XT32, Klarus X30R --- all 3 are 2x18650 throwers
    • Acebeam K70 --- still a thrower, I believe, but 4x18650
    • Acebeam K65 --- less throw, more flood
    • Acebeam X65 Mini and Fenix TK75 ---- again, less throw, more flood
    • Acebeam X45 v2 --- the floodiest option, I believe

    All these are priced between 200-320$ (180-280 €). The specs of the X65 Mini caught my attention: 12000 lumen, 1400m beam distance. The K70/65 have 2600/6200 lumen and 1300/1000m beam distance. To my understanding, the X65 Mini should have provide a wider beam, which travels further.
    What would be your choice ? Thanks for your time

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    I think the Acebeam X65 Mini will be my choice. I have to decide it I should pick the CW or NW variant. Is any of the two better suited for wildlife observing (black, brown, grey animals on green background) ?

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    Default Re: What flashlight should I choose ?

    Can't comment on the lights but you might do better in the GENERAL FLASHLIGHT section in the RECOMMEND me a light sub forum. Good luck.

    Oh, NW usually does me better for outdoor colors but loses some lumens to CW. YMMV

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    For that distance look at a thrower. Maybe something with an aspheric lens or the new LEP lights.

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    cpper- Welcome! I'm moving your thread to the "Recommend me a light" subforum. I'll leave a re-direct so you can find it. Welcome to CPF! Enjoy...
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    I ended up buying the X65 Mini in the NW Variant. It should arrive this week.

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