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Thread: XTAR ST2 Fast Charger - Review

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    Default XTAR ST2 Fast Charger - Review

    Repost from our reviewer StompieZA
    XTAR release their latest 2bay fast charging charger with its new design, looks and ability to charge at a whopping 4.1A x 2**.** This charger also now gives the user the ability to manually change the charging current! Sounds interesting? well have a look below!
    Item Name: XTAR ST2 Fast Charging Charger
    Manufacturer: @XTAR
    Website: https:
    Cost: N/A

    The charger was sent to me without packaging as I assume it was still in design, so I was only send the charger and the USB cables.
    What’s inside the box you ask?
    1x Charger
    1 x USB-A to USB C Cable
    1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable

    Technical specifications are also important, so here they are:
    ST2 Charger Technical Specs:
    Input: PD2.0(15V=3A), QC3.0(5V=3A/9V=2A)
    Output: PD2.0: 4.2v=4A x 2/2A x 2/1A x 2
    QC3.0: 4.2v=4A x 1/2A x 2/1A x 2
    Apply to 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR

    What types of batteries can you charge?


    • Ultra-fast Charging for Two Slots
    • Max 2x4.1A, the fastest charger ever
    • Protection test of internal battery resistance
    • Battery temperature test with overheat protection
    • 1A / 2A / 4.1A optional current for each slot
    • OV activation restores the over-discharged batteries
    • Built with fireproof material to extend the life of the loader and ensure safety.
    • LCD information screen
    • Type C port, double rapid recharge protocol
    • Delicate design, excellent touch sensation
    • Manual and automatic, flexible control
    • Simple operation, clear display
    • Small and portable, stay in one hand

    What do I think about this Charger?
    I absolutely like this charger due the fact that you can now manually change the charging current between 4.1A, 2A and 1A depending on your input power. Using a normal QC3.0 charger you can charge 1 battery at 4.1A (not recommended for 18650 but rather for 20700 or 21700) or can charge two 18650 batteries at either 2A or 1A. The charger also allows changing each battery charging current separately for when not charging married batteries. You can charge 1 battery at 2A and the other at 1A if required.
    When using a QC3.0 charger, you wont be able to charge two batteries at 4.1A as the charger will power down without warning due to the input but when using the USB C cable with a PD2.0 charger you will be able to charge two batteries at 4.1A.
    I found that it was best to power up the charger first before adding batteries. If batteries are inserted and the charger is then powered up it seems to confuse the charger causing it to not detect the charging current. This causes the charger to get stuck in 4.1A charging mode and if you are using a QC3.0 charger, the charger will continuously turn on and off until the batteries are removed and reinserted. This will not happen if you use the PD2.0 charger.
    Note: I did not test the charger with a PD2.0 charger as I do not have one available.
    Thermal protection:
    The charger monitors the battery temperature throughout the charge. If the battery temperature is too high, the device will automatically reduce the charging current to protect the battery.

    Note: when the temperature is above 60 ° C, the charger automatically stops charging; when the temperature decreases, users must remove and re-insert the battery to continue charging.
    What about Looks?
    The charger is finished in matte black with a rubbery feel to it and popping blue lines on the side. The LCD screen is bright and of a nice size with all the information clearly visible for the user. The LCD screen provides the Charging Current, Battery Temp, Battery Percentage as well as battery Volts.

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    Default Re: XTAR ST2 Fast Charger - Review

    Great, but I can't buy it anywhere. Get it on Amazon and I will buy it.

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    Default Re: XTAR ST2 Fast Charger - Review

    XTAR ST2 is available to buy on Amazon in stock now. Sorry for waiting too long, Because the sold quantity is much over than estimated.

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