Hi everyone!!! Today we will see Nitecore NEB30 : a very comfortable multi-purpose PC backpack sent by Nitecore specifically for review. Here the website of the parent company and here the page of the the product.

Main features
• Multi-functional pc backpack (max 14’’)
• Compartments with quick double-hinged opening
• Made of waterproof 600D Oxford Nylon, resistant to dirt and wear
• High quality YKK hinges
• Ergonomic high-grip pullers
• Can be used in different modes
• Adjustable strap thanks to the quick release system
• Removable and replaceable padding
• Dimensions: 40cm (length) x 25cm (width) x 7.5cm (Depth)
• Weight: 950g
• Backrest padded with a layer of PE foam (polyethylene foam) of 8mm

The Nitecore NEB30 is a multi-pocket travel backpack. Inside there is a padded pocket that can accommodate notebooks or tablets up to 14 inches.

In the front we find a compartment with dimensions of 33 x 20 x 2cm with inside a meshed pocket with zip closure, two small plastic keychain carabiners and a pocket with double access (right and left) for small objects.

Thanks to the hooks placed on all four sides, the installation of the belt can be done in different ways and therefore the NEB30 can be transported, depending on the needs, in a different way. For example, it can be worn as a shoulder strap or as a backpack, both horizontally and vertically.

The buckles have a particular hook shape. It is impossible, once installed, for these to come off on their own. Moreover, they are equipped with a spring closure.

The surface of the NEB30 is in 600D Oxford Nylon resistant to water and dirt.
The zips are very wide, sturdy and very smooth.

The pullers are well made, with an ergonomic shape, guaranteeing excellent grip.

The strap can be easily extended or shortened with a simple gesture: the release system works well. Just lift the locking buckle and adjust the length of the strap.

A comfortable tear-off padding can also be installed on the belt.

On the back there is an 8mm layer of polyethylene foam that increases ergonomics and comfort when using the NEB30 as a backpack.
Here too there is a pocket with a padded interior and zip closure.

On the side there is a convenient carrying handle.

Final considerations
The Nitecore NEB30 is a simple but functional backpack, ideal for those who travel with their PC or large tablets.

The overall quality is excellent, the seams are well made, the hinges are strong and smooth. The capacity is good, a notebook of 14 inches (even 15) with power supply and accessories comes quietly.

The strap is wide and quite comfortable especially if you use the supplied tear padding. Very convenient is the release system that allows you to lengthen or shorten the belt as you like.

Thanks to the 4 Nylon rings on all sides of the Backpack, the belt can be installed with different combinations, varying the transport mode. I find it particularly convenient as a shoulder strap.

Certainly it is a quality product and to be recommended!!!