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Thread: [Review] - Nitecore NTK05 - Mini Knife in Titanium TC4 - by Lock

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    Default [Review] - Nitecore NTK05 - Mini Knife in Titanium TC4 - by Lock

    NTK05: a very small Titanium cutter branded Nitecore, sent by the company specifically for review. Here you can find the link of the company while here all informations about the product.

    Product description
    The NTK05 comes in a small blister cardboard box with all the main product information printed on it.

    The NTK05 has the entire body made of TC4 aeronautical titanium alloy which gives it high strength, lightness and great resistance to corrosion.

    Titanium alloy is synonymous with premium quality and excellent performance so as to be used for aerospace applications.
    The body is worked to perfection with CNC technology that guarantees a precision in the details of the order of 0.001mm.

    The hole in the tail allows the NTK05 to be installed on keychain and used as an EDC mini-accessory.

    The weight is really very small only 4.8g (just less than the weight of a normal credit card), the dimensions really contained. Here are some specifics about:
    • Length when closed: 55mm
    • Length from open: 97mm
    • Blade cutting profile length: 20mm
    • Maximum body thickness: 3mm
    • Material: Titanium
    • Weight: 4.8g

    The opening of the blade is very simple, but you have to use two hands to avoid getting hurt. Once opened, the blade remains firm and locked in its final position. There is no real block blade. With a little pressure in the reverse direction to the opening direction, the blade will detach and you can close it

    The blade is made of stainless steel and similar to that of box cutters. Ideal for example for the hobby, to cut paper, or in general for small daily chores.

    The lettering is well done, very precise and well centered. Above the writing NTK05 we can note the presence of two small pins that Nitecore claims serve to prevent accidental opening of the blade (I did not understand, however, in what way)

    Final considerations
    The NTK05 is a fancy and quality EDC accessory. Beautiful aesthetically, it has the characteristic of being very light and very small (55mm long when closed and only 4.8g in weight).

    Made of TC4 titanium with CNC machining, it is extremely accurate in its details and finishes.

    The blade is extremely sharp and very thin, especially useful for precision work or small daily tasks. If necessary, it is also readily available for replacement.

    The opening and closing is very simple and also seems quite safe.

    In short, a nice accessory to possess and to always carry with you !!

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    Default Re: [Review] - Nitecore NTK05 - Mini Knife in Titanium TC4 - by Lock

    Design is really nice. Not sure if I'd like the ergonomics, though.

    I have a Spyderco Bug and Grasshopper that fill similar roles...Although this is quite tempting....

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