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Thread: 4500 Lumen Imalent DM70 Single 21700 Powered

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    Hi all,

    I got the DM70 XHP70.2 and also its XHP35HI counterpart the DM35. For their size they are great performers, the DM70 is brighter than my FW3A.
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    I've had a DM70 for a couple of weeks. It packs more lumens into a small space than any of my many high-end lights. And in general, I think Imalent quality is very good. But the light has two problems that I fixed with the same mod.
    1. The "on" button and the sidelight look identical and feel identical in the dark.
    2. The on button is verrrrrrry sensitive. Imalent support said I can lock it with 4 presses, but they must be so rapid that it takes several tried to lock it and several more to unlock it.
    My fix was to glue a rubber washer around the on button. The washer is 0.87" OD and 0.56" ID. It prevents accidental turn-on and makes it easy to find the on button in the dark.

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