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Thread: The IDIOCY of Pink Phobia

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjb View Post

    Originally, something (we’ll go with razors just to choose one among many examples) was marketed to nobody in general, and it was assumed that men would be the buyer.

    Then, to differentiate from the pack, manufacturers made their product more manly, more masculine, and thus the target audience became men specifically.

    Then the marketers (or women groups) decided it was unfair or sexist that a company didn’t make/market a product “for them”. They got mad, and so we had a rash of “for her” (strong enough for a man - made for a woman) products hit the market. They were softer, curvier, pink, whatever. And that was to be less sexist.

    And then now, those same feminist groups or marketers have gotten weirdly complicated and said “why is pink automatically feminine? My daughter/wife/sister can like blue just as much as pink. My son/husband/brother can like pink - it’s not just for girls. Gender-normative is the new nazi” type of thing. So suddenly the solution that used to be the definition of inclusion - making feminine-styled versions of products - has suddenly flipped to be the new definition of sexist, presuming to force Barbie style on women being the depths of sexism.
    The people that you are referring to don't actually want a problem to be solved. They want to live in a perpetual state of calling attention to themselves as victims. If they actually solve the problem, then some of the core tenets of their identity go away. If you most strongly identify as an XYZ activist, and that activism actually solves the problem, then you've got a whole big old void to fill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chauncey Gardiner View Post
    How far we've fallen. Any led flashlight for girls? Posted a mere six years ago - 87 posts, and not once was the thread or OP labeled as being sexist.
    Thank you, Chauncey, I agree how far we’ve fallen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigburly912 View Post
    Probably because the OP was a girl and wasn’t demanding that women had to carry pink flashlights. Totally different objective, totally different thread. I’m the least PC human on earth and was thrown off by this thread haha
    Wow, I never said or was “demanding that women had to carry pink flashlights”.

    Where did you get THAT from? I’ll tell you where: you got that from your imagination. I was presenting reasons why and how flashlight companies could benefit from offering certain small lights in pink.

    But once again, as has repeatedly happened in this thread, my words are twisted to fit the pre-judgments of the responder.

    And once again, as also has happened, words are put in my post that I never wrote.

    I never said a woman should only have a light that is pink.

    I ONLY expressed dismay at how FEW lights ARE offered in pink! If your wife loves her black light, that’s great. But if she wanted one in pink, you’d write a post similar to mine.

    And many jump on the bandwagon to either call me or my post sexist? That’s like calling Dr. King a racist! That’s ludicrous.

    When any poster makes a comment, great! But back it up, substantiate it, otherwise it’s just a popularity contest of “opinion”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parametrek View Post
    A quick check at my flashlight database puts it at 1.43%. That still isn't much but it is a factor of 500000x difference from your estimate
    So 1.43% is a 500000x difference from my estimate?

    And you are proud that it is only 1.43%?

    You don’t even address my arguments but hide in stats.

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    Yup... going sideways...

    I think you got your answer LTBL.

    Thread closed.

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