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    As I was poking around Digi-Key looking for switches for my project, I discovered the APEM MT series of switches, which claim to be IP68 environmentally sealed toggles.

    Yes, IP68 is technically only rated to 1.5m for 30 minutes, but my experience has been that this often understates a product's real-world capabilities. (And sometimes it grossly overstates it :-)

    Anyway, anyone have thoughts on using one of these things in a wetted configuration?

    Seems like it would be a lot more robust that a rubber boot, and a lot simpler to configure than a reed switch. They're fairly pricey so I don't really want to take a flyer on it, and I'm betting that if I call their support team they'll be reluctant to make statements beyond the default IP68 rating...

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    Benha- Hello, and welcome. I approved your post after removing the commercial link. We get tons of spam and shilling here, and you're a brand new poster. Those who respond can either look up the switch themselves, or may already be familiar with them. Thanks for your understanding.
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