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Thread: Quality red LEDs?

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    Default Quality red LEDs?

    I want to build a dedicated red LED light of lower output. Something of an emergency battery vampire. If Sofirn ever releases the C01 host that has been discussed on BLF then that would be my go-to but for the mean time I plan to just stick one in a 2AA incan MiniMag as I've had stellar results doing with with Nichia GS LEDs. Is Nichia the go-to for red LEDs? What wavelength offers the best bled of light output, efficiency, usability and night vision preservation? Looks like I have a choice between 630nm and 660nm if I stick with Nichia. Is there another option thats better? Is the bargain stuff on AE and such just as good?

    Edit: I am aware options such as the Cree XPE exist but I am specifically looking for a low cost, lower output emergency/vampire type setup.

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    Default Re: Quality red LEDs?

    I’ve been happy with Osram Hyper Red SSL.

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