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Thread: UK power outage

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    Default UK power outage

    Reports on Drudge Report of a power outage at 5 pm local time in the UK. Appears no one carries a "torch" anymore. lol

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    Default Re: UK power outage

    Sure they do... in their smartphone.

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    Default Re: UK power outage

    Quote Originally Posted by lightfooted View Post
    Sure they do... in their smartphone.
    It used to be:

    Them: Iíll just use my cellphone.
    Me: ... youíd really light your way home through a thunderstorm, with your expensive phone, in the rain?

    then the phones got waterproof, so now itís:

    Them: iíll just use my smartphone.
    Me: ... youíd really pull out your $1000 phone, slip and break it in the rain?

    I donít see a lot of flashlights around, but I do see a lot of broken screens.

    I guess itís technological progress or something?

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    Default Re: UK power outage

    Irritating people in London and the southeast. They often act with the hive mind. Its depressing. I have a sofirn SP36 BLF in my bag now as an EDC.

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    Default Re: UK power outage

    Power outages actually excite me now that I keep a PD25 in my pocket and a PD35 in my backpack...
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    Default Re: UK power outage

    In the latest report on Drudge today it appears the outage was more widespread than initially reported. I did see in one posted photo of a worker with a flashlight. Good thing for all that the outage didn't last long.

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    Default Re: UK power outage

    You can check UK power outages at the website below.

    "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." - Terry Pratchett.

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    Default Re: UK power outage

    It may sound sick but I LIVE for power outages😁. The plant I work in loses power 4-5 times a year and no matter how much I complain to The maintenance department only half the backup emergency lights work.its basically a windowless building and when power goes out you canít see your hand in front of your face and still no one carries a flashlight. I figure they all know by now I have enough lights on me to light up half the plant but really not carrying a light on you the way things are is just plan dumb.
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