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    Hi all. I've been lurking for years and have learned much. Way past time to introduce myself.

    As a teenager, I was never without my Mini Mag Lite. Ever since I realized how far led tech has come, I've been obsessed with small flashlights. I just can't believe how powerful and efficient they have become.

    Of course I can't stop buying flashlights now, even though I'm rarely out after dark.

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    Here's a funny story.

    I new Lumintop AA 2.0 arrived yesterday. I showed it to my wife. She says, "So what does this one do that's different than all the others?" I clicked through the modes a few times, looked it over and said, "Nothing I guess." She laughed at me.
    Later that night, after playing around with it more, I ran into the room and declared with much excitement, "It has a glow in the dark o-ring!".

    I thought you guys may understand.

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    Well, welcome to CPF and wish to see you more active!

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    Thanks, I'll try.

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    Hello and welcome to CPF.

    Not sure what happened, but I see you have a duplicate post in the moderation queue.

    I'll remove that, but please don't post duplicates here. Thanks !
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