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Thread: Potted package: PFlexPro and Fenix E01

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    Default Potted package: PFlexPro and Fenix E01

    PFlexPro XP-L HI 3000K drop-in with Advance Program driver in Solarforce L2M host with Malkoff forward McClicky tail cap.

    Fenix E01 with sanded LED.

    $85-->now $70-->now $60 shipped to continental US for first unconditional "I'll take it."

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    Default Re: Potted package

    Price too high? Now reduced.

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    Default Re: Potted package

    Another price drop.

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    Default Re: Potted package

    No one likes warm white? Or does no one want drop-ins anymore?

    I'm willing to sell the lights separately.

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