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Thread: Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

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    Default Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

    Has anyone seen the new fake ads on Youtube about inventors wronged in some way, who now design state of the art revolutionary technology independently? All the ads are the same.

    One guy worked as a A/C designer for 20+ years at a major industry company that fired him during a merger. He supposedly went on to completely revolutionize A/C cooling with a flimsy little box that you fill with water. If you Google the product, itís a China made piece of junk under multiple brand names.

    The other is Sean Spencer who designed an LED flashlight that was immediately banned by the government for being to bright and therefore too dangerous for the public. It was exclusively used by the military and police. Itís now available for public purchase... however the inventor says its still highly dangerous.

    Such BS!

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    Default Re: Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

    Be careful with that flashlight, you'll put
    your eye out with that one!

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    Default Re: Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

    Couple of years ago I went to a police supply store. Fellow there said the flashlight I was looking for a holster fit was too bright for LEO use; that departments are concerned about being sued for eye damage.

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    Default Re: Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

    Link to more info about this flashlight?
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    Default Re: Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

    Pretty sure that since you can order a 3.5 watt laser from a website and have it in your mailbox in a week, there aren't any consumer-available LEDs that worry the military..

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    Default Re: Gov't Banned Flashlights Now for Sale!

    Dishonesty on the internets has become highly profitable so it has risen up to higher levels of professionalism. You just have to put up with the disinformation. If you get down in the mud and try to wrestle with a pig, the pig will just enjoy it...

    The Chinese in particular practice a very aggressive sort of capitalism. They are largely insulated from any kind of blowback from foreign customers. From their point of view a sale is a sale, and who cares what you tell the marks...

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